Siege of Aleppo defeated! In what is likely to be the turning point of the war - the beginning of the end for the western-backed jihadi terrorist groups, both 'moderate' and 'militant', 'FSA', Al-Nusra and Daesh/IS - the Syrian Arab Army have broken the terrorist's hold on Aleppo. For full details, read the latest Syria article in February's … Continue reading Siege of Aleppo defeated!

Anti-war and anti-imperialism: where Stop the War fails

Anti-war demonstrations against British airstrikes in Syria took place across the country on Saturday (12/12/2015), with a march in London, attended by thousands, taking place from BBC Broadcasting House to a rally outside Downing St. The anger was palpable, and rightly so. After a brief stall when Cameron's previous attempts to openly bomb Syria were … Continue reading Anti-war and anti-imperialism: where Stop the War fails

Who Created the Refugee Crisis?

This Saturday a huge demonstration swept through the streets of London, with around 300,000 people marching from Marble Arch to Parliament Square to show solidarity with refugees, and to demand better treatment for asylum seekers in Britain and across the EU. The protesters were addressed at Parliament Square by Jeremy Corbyn, as his first official … Continue reading Who Created the Refugee Crisis?