The Great October Socialist Revolution changed the course of human history. From this moment onwards the era of proletarian revolution and national liberation struggles entered the ascendency. Despite the setbacks and the collapse of revisionism in the former socialist countries, imperialism is in a state of absolute decline, its days are numbered – it is a giant with feet of clay.

What does the October revolution mean to our generation?

Joti gives a moving and thoughtful account of the Soviet Union, and it’s lasting meaning to workers in Britain and the world.

The Great October Socialist Revolution

What was the significance of the Great Socialist October Revolution? Not only did it shatter Czarism, feudalism, and parochial backwardness, bringing Russia and her colonies, 1/6 of the earth, into the modern world, but it ended the First World War and challenged exploitation and colonialism on a global scale. Harpal explains in this excellent speech, how it’s lessons still furnish the modern working class with the means to free ourselves and build a better, peaceful and meaningful life.