No Pasaran in Wigan!

On 19 September the National Front held a demonstration in Wigan against immigration and the recent refugee crisis. Prior to this demonstration their local organiser, Daniel Lewis, called for homosexuals to be gassed in response to the Manchester gay pride festival. The National Front was met by counter-protesters from parties such as the Communist Party … Continue reading No Pasaran in Wigan!

Capitalism and the demonisation of foreign nationals

We reproduce below a letter to Red Youth from a young comrade from south-east England focusing on the racial segregation that is driven into the British public through capitalism's most insidious tool - the private media. Such contributions are an essential part to the building of a¬†organised mass-movement against the imperialist ruling class. Only by … Continue reading Capitalism and the demonisation of foreign nationals

Hands off Syria!

Red Youth members, comrades of the Communist Party and others helped to spread the truth about the ongoing imperialist inspired intervention in Syria on Saturday in Manchester. Talking about the war waged by imperialism and its hangers-on in Syria was a good opportunity for engaging with people on the streets of Manchester about the wider … Continue reading Hands off Syria!