Ghadar! Mutiny! India’s liberation struggle Contrary to the mainstream narrative, it was neither Ghandi nor Jinnah who liberated india. Harpal Brar, author of 'Inquilab Zindabad! India's liberation struggle', gives an inspiring and eye-opening introduction to the true history of India's Liberation from British colonial rule. Harpal outlines the rise of the Ghadar Party - named after the 1857 war … Continue reading Ghadar! Mutiny! India’s liberation struggle

Imperialism and the Environment

The only possible alternative to private profiteering at the expense of the planet is communism – you have to be Red to be Green! But if we are to steer ourselves away from the cataclysmic climate change that looms, it is vital that we identify our most immediate enemy: the first genuine obstacle in the … Continue reading Imperialism and the Environment