Anti-austerity protests lack anti-capitalist leadership

Last weekend saw spontenous demonstrations outside Downing Street and the Grand Connaught Rooms, where Cameron was apologising to the Tory party, attracting several thousand before being broken up by police. These demonstrations came in the wake of revelations that the ruling class (including Cameron) have been - shockingly! - routinely engaged in avoiding paying taxes … Continue reading Anti-austerity protests lack anti-capitalist leadership

Britain’s Road to Revisionism

Below we publish a letter from a young comrade who had the opportunity to witness revisionism in action, as Rob Griffiths of the Communist Party of Britain was invited to speak at his school. While it is disappointing that such a rank opportunist and arch revisionist was given the opportunity to speak, it is not … Continue reading Britain’s Road to Revisionism

End Austerity Now: tens of thousands march

The End Austerity Now national demonstration in London this Saturday (20 June 2015) attracted over 250,000 people, by far the biggest single showing of public anger against the British regime in over a decade. Unions, political parties, activist groups, and individuals came together under a single clear message – we won't tolerate capitalist austerity that … Continue reading End Austerity Now: tens of thousands march

School is a tool

The divide between capitalists and workers, both politically and economically, is continuing to expand rapidly as we sink further into economic crisis. Adding to the relative and absolute impoverishment of the working class in the material sense is the impoverishment of our minds. The most glaring example of our lack of class consciousness or of … Continue reading School is a tool