No Justice – No Peace!

The British State Murders with impunity: ‘to Protect and Serve’ the Capitalist Class. Not only the Met, but the whole capitalist system is inherently racist and anti-working class, and needs to be dismantled. This is the core truth that underlies Police Injustice. RACISM For much of Britain’s working class, long shackled by unemployment, debt and … Continue reading No Justice – No Peace!

Second march for Justice for Kingsley Burrell 2012

Comrades and friends from across Birmingham and the country came to Camp Hill on Saturday to protest against the ongoing disgrace which is being perpetrated by West Midlands Police. Kingsley Burrell called police to his home last summer to deal with a disturbance being created by youths outside his home. When police arrived they arrested … Continue reading Second march for Justice for Kingsley Burrell 2012