Swedish Communist Party Chair talks Brexit

Recently Red Youth attended a political summer camp with Swedish comrades from the Kommunistiska Partiet and the youth organisation Revolutionär Kommunistisk Ungdom.

Our Swedish comrades were incredibly welcoming and, over the course of a week, many discussions took place about the respective political situations in Sweden and Britain, on wider global issues, and tactics and strategies for building a revolutionary Marxist-Leninist party.


The summer camp features a healthy mix of political presentations & discussion, sport, music, and relaxation, all taking place in a supremely comradely environment with party members, youth, and supporters from all over Sweden.

Red Youth took the opportunity to interview Robert Mathiasson, Chair of the Communist Party of Sweden, about the EU and Brexit.

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CPB advance line of J V Stalin

Congratulations are in order for the CPB Education Organiser Bill Greenshields who has worked a veritable miracle, giving hope that Marxist-Leninist education may yet be brought to the remaining honest and hardworking political orphans who remain inside that Party rather than joining the mass party of Labour along with everybody else.

As preparation for a CPB “Secretaries’ & Cadres'” meeting an excellent document has been produced on the topic of Dialectical & Historical Materialism. The basis for this “study guide” is J V Stalin’s masterpiece Dialectical and Historical Materialism which provides the student with the most excellent summary of Marxist philosophy available anywhere.

Dialectical and Historical Materialism

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Cuba defends Socialism in the Americas

This video was filmed at a meeting held in Southall, west London, in the run-up to Fidel Castro’s 90th birthday. His anniversary was rightly celebrated by the people of Cuba – and is particularly remarkable in view of the literally hundreds of attempts to assassinate him made by US imperialism. After all, Mainland USA lies just 90 miles from the coast of Cuba, and their Navy continue to illegally occupy Guantanamo Bay, on the eastern point of the island.


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Black Lives Matter: interview with a US organiser

Reproduced below is an interview Red Youth conducted with an organiser for the Black Lives Matter movement in Illinois, comrade Dylan García.

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Black Lives Matter is a broad movement against police brutality and racism in America, originating in the protests of the 2013 acquittal of George Zimmerman for the murder of Trayvon Martin, and the 2014 murders of Michael Brown and Eric Garner.

Since then it has grown as one of the driving forces of anti-racist action in the US and has recently inspired sympathetic protests in the UK, with the aim of rebuilding the black liberation struggle since its decline as a result of state suppression. During the 60s in the US the FBI’s COINTELPRO operation was repurposed from infiltrating and sabotaging the communist movement to destroying the civil rights and black liberation movements, targeting Martin Luther King, Jr., Fred Hampton, Malcolm X, and the Black Panther Party as well as other individuals and organisations.

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Life in Korea is neither peace nor war

Harpal Brar, Chairman of the CPGB-ML, introduces the North Korean Ambassador to the UK, Hyon Hak Bong, at an international celebration held recently in the party’s London HQ in Ealing Southall.

The celebration is held annually to mark the importance of international solidarity to the working people in our diverse struggles, and in particular, the anniversary of the victory of the North Korean people over the US imperialists on 27 July 1953, and the storming of the Moncada barracks, on 26th July of the same year, by Castro and his comrades, that gave rise to a powerful revolutionary movement that went on to sweep the Caribbean island of the fascistic Batista regime, and spread Socialism and the message of the October revolution to the shores of the Americas.

Harpal and Ambassador Hyon make some profound comments on the current ratcheting up of tension, including nuclear threats, on the Korean Peninsula. Crucially, they put this situation into its correct historical context – something that our media pundits fear and scrupulously avoid, as it immediately puts the lie to the imperialist narrative of ‘defending the south against the megalomaniacal and unstable regime in the north’. Continue reading “Life in Korea is neither peace nor war”