Journalist Vanessa Beeley gives an account of what she saw in Aleppo, Syria

On Saturday, 18th February, independent journalist Vanessa Beeley came to Birmingham’s Shaheed Udham Singh centre to describe what her recent trip to Aleppo, Syria, was like. The meeting was organised by the Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist), Socialist Labour Party (West Midlands), Indian Workers Association (GB), People’s Liberation Front – Sri Lanka (JVP), and the Awami Workers Party (Pakistan).

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Protest opposing the visit of Mark Regev, Israeli ambassador to UK, to Birmingham City Council

On Wednesday morning (8 Feb 2017), comrades from CPGB-ML and Red Youth joined the protest outside the Council House in Victoria Square opposing the visit of Mark Regev, the Israeli ambassador to the UK and war criminal. The protest, called at relatively short notice by Palestine Solidarity Campaign, mobilised a number of people and with a spread of banners and constant chants over the megaphone the protest had a strong presence. However, the numbers were small in opposition to the presence of one of Israel’s best spin-doctors, who relentlessly defends, justifies and encourages the massacring of Palestinians.

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Haringey: Save our homes and our communities!

March and protest: Tuesday 14 February
Assemble: 5pm Ducketts Common (Turnpike Lane Tube)
Rally: 6pm Haringey Civic Centre

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Haringey’s Labour council is planning to give away the land on which a huge number of homes, community facilities, and shops stand to a private developer. The ‘Haringey Development Vehicle’ supposedly a joint venture between the council and the developer, would in reality be a facade for the interests of the private developer.

This policy would lead to a huge loss of genuinely affordable housing in Haringey, and yet more ordinary families being forced out of the borough and away from their family, friends, and jobs.

The Labour council has betrayed the people of Haringey by, for example, promising social rents in public while admitting in private that there is no such guarantee. The Labour party only cares about the interests of the rich, and Labour councils across London and Britain have proven this time and again by slashing social spending and privatising public property and services.

People of Haringey: unite to defeat our enemies in the Labour Party and stop the destruction of our communities!

Tens of thousands protest in London against Trump

Following the Women’s March in London on January 21, which drew over 100,000 to protest President Trump’s regressive attitude towards women, February has seen two more protests against the ‘Muslim ban’ which, before being overturned by a federal judge last Friday, blocked anyone from Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, or Yemen from entering the US.

Why did the Trump administration pick these seven countries? Is it because the US fears the backlash from indiscriminate bombing, and their tacit support for terrorists groups that can destabilise the US regime’s key opponents in the area? Is it because Trump hates Muslims, but not enough to get in the way of his business interests in other Muslim-majority states?

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Fidel Castro Ruz – a tribute

Fidel Castro Ruz (August 13, 1926 – November 25, 2016) was the inspirer and leader of the popular Cuban revolution against the corrupt US puppet-regime of the comprador kleptocrat Batista.

has died a hero, but his teaching, his legacy and the march on. History has absolved him! Hasta la victoria!”

Harpal Brar pays tribute to Fidel, opening this CPGB-ML meeting, held on 10 December 2016, with comrades of the JVP UK committee and other friends, in Saklatvala Hall, Southall, to honour his memory and celebrate his life, and the positive legacy of the Cuban revolution that he helped to lead and shape.

Fidel was a man of great insight, intelligence, energy, courage and steadfast determination. Incensed with the suffering and meagre lot of the masses of the Cuban people, Fidel rose in indignation with 200 of his fellow students against he Batista regime on 26 July 1953, making his entry onto the national and world political stage by launching an armed raid on the Moncada barracks; military centre of Batista’s unpopular rule. Continue reading “Fidel Castro Ruz – a tribute”