CPGB-ML annual International BBQ this Saturday in Southall


Our annual Party bbq celebrates two important anniversaries in the revolutionary calendar: the victory of communist forces in the Fatherland Liberation War in Korea, and the storming of the Moncada Barracks in Cuba by Fidel Castro and the Cuban revolutionaries.

As well as a speaker from the CPGB-ML, we will hear from honoured guests and representatives from the Cuban and Korean Embassies. Regular participants also come from the embassies of Venezuela and China and fraternal parties from Turkey, Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan.

This is an excellent event for bringing along friends and family to enjoy a mix of inspiring speeches and informal socialising with like-minded comrades.

Brexit and the 75th Anniversary of the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union

The 75th anniversary of Germany’s invasion of the Soviet Union passed the day before the EU referendum – 22 June – with barely a murmur of acknowledgement from our press, who were too busy trying to brow-beat and pressurise us into voting to remain within the EU.

The historical irony of this fact should not be overlooked – for while Ex-Labour leader Gordon Brown hypocritically and falsely claimed that the EU has spared a generation from war, NATO/EU are behaving more like Fascist Germany than ever, in their massive build-up of forces in the Ukraine and on Russia’s border. Continue reading “Brexit and the 75th Anniversary of the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union”

Workers should vote to LEAVE the EU on Thursday 23 June!

As Britain’s first — and very likely last — opportunity to vote to leave the EU approaches, the CPGB-ML calls upon all workers to vote for Brexit on 23 June 2016.

In this powerful interview, CPGB-ML chairman Harpal Brar reviews the history of the EU project. 

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Workers should vote for Brexit!

Ella Rule, vice chair of the CPGB-ML, outlines the reasons that British workers should vote to leave the EU on 23rd June 2016.

Temporary agreements are possible between capitalists and between states … a United States of Europe is possible as an agreement between the European capitalists … but to what end? Only for the purpose of jointly suppressing socialism in Europe … under capitalism, a United States of Europe would signify an organisation of reaction.” (Our emphasis)

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Red Youth: fight flunkeyism!

Failing to organise meaningful solidarity with socialist Korea

It has been brought to the attention of Red Youth, that Dermot Hudson, who goes by the email “juche007” and heads up various counter-productive projects such as the “Juche Idea Study Group of England” (JISGE) and the” Association for the Study of Songun Politics UK” (ASSPUK), has taken it upon himself, once again, to engage in uncomradely, secretive and malicious rumour-mongering about young members, candidates and supporters of the CPGB-ML (and by proxy Red Youth) with regards to our stance in defence of the DPRK, the Workers Party of Korea and the Korean revolution. What is more, this snake, sick with the knowledge of his own impotence and irrelevance, tries to undermine the warm, friendly relations which exist between young supporters and members of the CPGB-ML and our Korean comrades. Continue reading “Red Youth: fight flunkeyism!”