Destruction of Calais refugee camp – EU business as usual

On Monday night British MPs voted to continue the policy towards migrants and refugees that EU member states have held for decades, which is to push asylum seekers from the imperialist heartlands of western Europe to the borders of the EU or beyond. Earlier in March this year it led to a frantic agreement with Turkey to take rejected asylum seekers in return for an accelerated EU accession process.

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Successful pickets of RBS and NatWest

#BankXitComrades from Red Youth helped to organise CPGB-ML pickets in London and Birmingham yesterday in protest of attempts by NatWest bank to shut the account of broadcaster Russia Today. Such a move is not only a serious infringement on the limited press freedoms which exist in bourgeois society, it is also part and parcel of the propaganda war being waged against Russia in preparation of further armed conflict.

The wars that have been waged around the world by British and US imperialism are not justifable wars – they are wars for domination, for profit, and for oil. The growing popularity of RT poses a threat to the continued campaign to paint Russia as a threat to peace. The BBC and the corporate media are constantly attempting to prepare British people for a military confrontation with Russia, which would be catastrophic for British workers. We must not allow such blatant bias and propaganda to go unchallenged, and we must fight the interference of NatWest in the affairs of Russia Today which operates legally and fairly in the UK.

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PROTEST TODAY! Don’t let NatWest bank gag RT -YOU are the intended victim of a misinformation campaign!


Protest NatWest bank’s attempt to gag the free press: TODAY – Tuesday 18th October 2016; 4-6pm

LONDON: NatWest HQ. 135 Bishopsgate, London EC2M 3UR

BIRMINGHAM: NatWest offices. 1 St Philips Place, Birmingham B3 2PT

Join the Facebook Event – invite your friends 

NatWest – the bank that likes to say: No! – is trying to gag Russia Today (RT), the fastest growing and most popular independent and objective media source available to the people of Britain.

It cannot be considered a coincidence that this attack coincides with the US-UK ruling class escalation of conflict with Syria, at a time when Russia is the main backer of the democratically elected Syrian government headed by Dr Bashar Al-Assad, and RT is exposing the truth about the Anglo-American dirty war on Syria. Not least because the British state is the major shareholder, and effectively owns and operates RBS (of which NatWest is a subsidiary).

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The Battle of Cable Street and the war against fascism

Sunday 09 October saw the 80th anniversary march and rally of the Battle of Cable Street, proudly attended by the CPGB-ML, Red Youth, and a multitude of socialist parties, trade unions, anti-fascists, and anarchists. The event saw thousands of working class activists, young and old, some there to remember, and some to discover the lessons of the past that must inform our actions today and in future.


On 4 October 1936 a mass mobilisation of some 20,000 people in the East End of London, primarily organised by the Communist Party of Great Britain (CPGB) and the Independent Labour Party (ILP), forced out the blackshirts of Sir Oswald Mosley’s British Union of Fascists (BUF).


It was a great and highly organised fight, with strategic placements, barricades and worked-out rushes at the police, who were standing between the blackshirts and the angry, politically motivated East End working class.

The organisation of the anti-fascists was hardly surprising. Not only because they outnumbered the 3,000 or so fascists and 6,000 or so police, but also because many of the men over the age of 36 had fought in the trenches during the first world war, and therefore understood the military basics of attack and defence. Energy and commitment are great, but energy, commitment, experience and expertise are even better.

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Swedish Communist Party Chair talks Brexit

Recently Red Youth attended a political summer camp with Swedish comrades from the Kommunistiska Partiet and the youth organisation Revolutionär Kommunistisk Ungdom.

Our Swedish comrades were incredibly welcoming and, over the course of a week, many discussions took place about the respective political situations in Sweden and Britain, on wider global issues, and tactics and strategies for building a revolutionary Marxist-Leninist party.


The summer camp features a healthy mix of political presentations & discussion, sport, music, and relaxation, all taking place in a supremely comradely environment with party members, youth, and supporters from all over Sweden.

Red Youth took the opportunity to interview Robert Mathiasson, Chair of the Communist Party of Sweden, about the EU and Brexit.

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