Libya: eye witness account


Friday 24 June 2011 7.00pm (follow updates at Red Youth News Service]

Marchmont Centre, 62 Marchmont Street, London, WC1N 1AB [nearest tube Russell Square]

CPGB-ML Chairman Harpal Brar and Vice-Chair Ella Rule have this week returned from Libya. They were invited to visit by the Libyan government and come back with a first hand account of the imperialist terror that has been inflicted upon the people. Make sure you come along to hear what they have to say; and be prepared to take the fight into the anti-war movement which has disgraced itself since the Benghazi contras began their Mi5-backed coup attempt.

More Info:


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2 thoughts on “Libya: eye witness account

  1. Tripoli is about to fall to the revolutionaries. The regime that Harpal and the CPGB-ML supported is dying. Gaddafi and his family are destroyed by the fighting spirit of the Libyan proletariat.

    2/3 of the capitalist are captured. The Green Empire of Gaddafi is gone and now genuine communists can fight for a socialist workers state in Libya. Free from the hands of the killers who murdered enough. In a free Libya, workers can build free trade unions and a political party of their own.


    1. As well as appearing as an inveterate reactionary you also play the part of a fool rather well. To describe the reactionary stooges of imperialism as ‘revolutionaries’ and to wallow in their ‘successes’ (i.e. their brutal murder, torture and general infamy against the Libyan people) raises both your morality and intelligence to lofty heights, you are indeed in the esteemed company of a host of other bourgeois gutter snipe’s; William Hague, Cameron, Sarkozy, Berlusconi and Obama! Not to mention their puppets at the BBC, CNN, Fox News et al! Tell us, are you a paid agent of imperialism or just a hapless lickspittle?

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