Comrade Harpal denounces imperialism in Tripoli

Remember that this Friday 24 June the CPGB-ML will have a report back from Libya (see post below). In the meantime, watch this message of support delivered by the CPGB-ML in Libya and keep updated at the Red Youth News Service .


2 thoughts on “Comrade Harpal denounces imperialism in Tripoli

  1. ”Comrade” Harpal is a traitor to the workers who fight Gaddaffi. How can a ”communist” do this? Supporting a dictatorship that does not tolerate political parties and opposition to the ruling family?

    Harpal and the ”Communist Party of Great Britain – Marxist Leninist” are wrong and very anticommunist. Anticommunist because they support regimes who would killed communists, left-wing people and workers.

    I wonder if my criticisms is allowed by the CPGB-ML. Because criticism is something Stalinists don’t tolerate.

    1. Hi Jorein, Very sad to hear that you are suffering from an incurable form of ‘twaddle’. On the other hand its great to see your putting your free time to good use denouncing the Libyan government and spreading all the usual reactionary filth. As for ‘allowing your criticisms’ I take it you mean on our blog pages rather than in the movement in general? Well, “comrade”, of course we are happy to allow a cretin such as yourself the opportunity to embarrass themselves at least once, you have the distinction of two such moronic statements today, both of which I am happy to allow our readers to enjoy.

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