Our comrades in Libya – video report


2 thoughts on “Our comrades in Libya – video report

  1. We have reports from Libya that this video has been picked up and broadcast by national TV in Libya itself – just prior to the bombing of TV broadcast apparatus in Tripoli. NATO’s illegal attacks have not managed to silence Libyan TV, despite their brutality and the murder of innocent victims that they inevitably involved. We are happy to report that this message is still being shared en mass with the Libyan people. Hasta La victoria!

  2. Turmoil in yet another Middle-East country has reached its mostly-expected climax. Rebel forces with assistance from NATO have reached Tripoli, and have started establishing their authority. While there are similarities and differences to Afghanistan and Iraq wars, let us sincerely hope Libya will not turn in to yet another country of continuous battle ground.

    NATO and its members have a lot to celebrate. What started as an “honest” action to enforce UN resolution – to “protect civilians” by establishment of “no-fly zone” – has now almost ended wth …. http://wp.me/p1FXBz-3U

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