Lets learn from Spain!

As George Osbourne passes a budget designed to protect his class interests, its high time that we in the British labour movement learnt how to act to protect ours. Whilst our public services, pensions, pay and conditions are targeted, so too are our rights to work and live in dignity. Hundreds of thousands of trade union members are just waiting for the Union top brass to take the lead – but if we wait for our sterile Union leaders to mobilise it’ll be a long wait!

However in Spain its a different story.

Birmingham Budget Day Protest March 2012, Anti cuts Demo outside City Centre Council House
Next week two of Spains biggest unions will bring out millions of workers in an attempt to stop the attacks being made on the Spanish workers. The Huelga General (General Strike) will take place on March 29. It is not by chance that Spanish unions listen to their membership. The Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain and their youth movement the CJC are an example to young communists and revolutionaries in Britain of the kind of militant marxist-leninist workers organisation that can be built when comrades dedicate themselves to fighting social democracy and serving the people. If we can build a movement that can challenge the social democracts and their Trot backers then we can really start to fight for our class interests! Thats why Red Youth sends our salute to our comrades in the CJC and PCPE and all the workers of Spain who will be on strike next week. We hope the CJC can build on the momentum that is undoubtedly being built up in Spain!

Birmingham Budget Day Protest March 2012, Anti cuts Demo outside City Centre Council House

The one thing that would really threaten our rulers’ grip on power here in Britain is if the workers of Britain united and got organised in the fashion of our Spanish brothers and sisters. The police and the army combined couldn’t do much in the face of the masses of people once we decided to stop obeying their orders and believing their lies!

An understanding of society (theory) and a way of uniting to change it (organisation) are the two things that we need to make a socialist revolution. Young people have everything to gain by getting involved in this process sooner rather than later. This world isn’t working for us and we deserve better!

Not only do we need to campaign against the bad conditions and lack of prospects for the youth in Britain today, but we need to work for a completely different type of society – one where people’s needs decide everything.

So many problems face this world: environmental catastrophe, poverty, disease, racism and war. They’ll never be solved while capitalism remains, but they could all be sorted if society was set up for the benefit of the majority rather than the private gain of a few billionaires.

Studying Marxism, organising the young people in your area and learning about how we fight for socialism is the only way we can defeat the ruling class.

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4 thoughts on “Lets learn from Spain!

  1. Isn’t the PCE what you guys would call, ‘Eurocommunist’? CPB-Road to Socialism-style revisionists?

    This article is making out like the CPE is the main organizer of the strike, as if the party has total hegemonic control over Spain’s unions, which isn’t the case. It also makes no mention of the role the CNT is playing, or the countless grassroots, direct-action campaigns fighting home foreclosures and redundancies with occupations – but I guess that wouldn’t fit into the CPGB-ML’s ideological framework.

    1. Comrade, the aim of the small report wasn’t to give an in-depth analysis of all the social, economic, historical and political factors which are coming together in Spain right now. Contrary to your assertion all those things you mention do ‘fit in’ with our ideological assertion to the extent that they influence the actual existing state of affairs. Your comments on the PCE are quite correct – we’re trying to build a Marxist Leninist movement here in the UK, so we’re primarily interested in learning from the work and successes of these forces in Spain, principally the Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain and their youth section the CJC. This is not the PCE, they are different groups entirely. Check out our link section to links to the PCPE and also our old news items for past solidarity actions with the CJC and Spanish Marxist Leninists 🙂

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