Birmingham anti-imperialists expose war propaganda of Amnesty International

A group of comrades from Birmingham including a few Red Youth members attempted to explain to supporters of Amnesty International the reactionary position adopted by that organisation towards Syria on Thursday evening. Failing to comprehend the motivations and involvement of imperialist interference in the region, despite all efforts, the Amnesty group pressed ahead and attempted to peddle a pro-interventionist ‘Support defiance’ warmongering position – even arranging for the BBC to attend and cover their performance. Such blatant (and at the demo) vocal support for the overthrow of Assad makes a mockery and thoroughly exposes the dishonesty of Amnesty’s written position:

“Amnesty International does not take sides in conflicts and has no opinion on borders. Our work in situations of armed conflict concentrates on documenting and campaigning against human rights abuses and violations of IHL, no matter who commits them”

Amnesty's "impartiality"

A group of anti-imperialists in Birmingham opposed Amnesty’s dirty work for imperialism with a vocal contingent which, despite the best attempts and connivance of the BBC did not go unheard. Our statement can be read online here.

Photo’s courtesy of Stalingrad O’Neill


One thought on “Birmingham anti-imperialists expose war propaganda of Amnesty International

  1. Readers may be interested to read the following exchange on facebook between Amnesty group’s Bert Gedin and two demonstrators:

    “Bert Gedin Our Birmingham Amnesty meeting was unusual. In twos or threes, a group of fringe Communists had planted themselves around. Were they interested in prisoners of conscience or human rights ? Not likely. They were a “Syria Counter Demo to Amnesty International, Birmingham.” When they followed us, from the meeting, to our anti-Syrian regime demo, they were quick to employ their sabotage tactics – an abyssmal failure. One banner read: “No to Amnesty War Propaganda” – a red flag displayed a hammer & sickle. Earlier on, one “visitor” had asked me if Amnesty was funded by the CIA !!!

    21 hours ago · Like
    Stalingrad O’Neill Bert likes to tell us War is ugly. Full stop! It is something I feel we can all agree on
    but still, it fails to stop his support for his “shattered illusion of the glamorous Robin Hood Syrian Rebels” Why should I be surprised though, since he feels no shame in continuing to support the racist, rapist butchers of the Libyan NTC who are currently engaged in implementing religious law in cities throughout Libya, dragging couples from their cars viciously beating them whilst demanding proof they are married,

    Indeed one of those ‘Syrian peaceniks’ whom Bert choose to associate with at their Amnesty ‘peace demo’ informed me as the Demo’s broke up, that he hopes exactly the same bloody religious anarchistic situation occurs in Syria!
    I wonder if the gay members of Bert’s B’ham Amnesty branch fully comprehend what they are supporting. The banning of the Minsk Pride March will pale into insignificance in such a Syrian outcome

    Further contrary to Bert’s disparaging assertions the group of “fringe Communists” was actually a broad front of Palestinians, Sikhs, IWA members, and Communists with a number of unaligned people, still don’t let that get in the way of your spin Bert, your learning great from your masters!
    19 hours ago · Like

    Bert Gedin Stalingrad, it does worry me that you have, consistently, supported Mubarak, Gadaffi etc., anyone who – with fists of iron – opposed the Arab Spring. – Fringe or Mainstream, or a broad co-alition of sorts, (gays included ?), your demo was anti-Amnesty, i.e. anti-human rights, which you should admit. You say I’m lear
    12 hours ago · Like · 1

    Bert Gedin ‎(cont.) learning great from my masters. Thanks, Stalingrad, glad to know I’m learning, maybe even from “The University of Life” !!!
    12 hours ago · Like

    Stalingrad O’Neill Imperialism does not do democracy Bert! Any ‘spring’ that has their stamp of approval just means under new management different mask!
    As for rulers with fists of Iron? Just take the UK domestically ask any Irish Republican or UK relative of those unarmed suspects who have been gunned down by the UK cops how benign and gentle they think our authorities are?
    What you are learning Bert is what the population at large is being programmed to learn. I was actually being sarcastic as I’m sure u are aware but I guess I have more chance of banging a square peg in to a round hole than opening your eyes to the contradictions in your understanding of world events!
    52 minutes ago · Unlike · 1

    Paulo Cannon lol Bert! “a group of fringe Communists had planted themselves around” – I do believe they were planted around the room by Ellis who directed them to various seats! “When they followed us, from the meeting, to our anti-Syrian regime demo” we made it clear before you even began your meeting through our leaflet that we planned to oppose your pro-war jamboree; then during the meeting one of our comrades made it plain that the main reason we were wishing to discuss the issue of Syria with you during your meeting was because we planned to counter-demonstrate. Your Chair thanked us for letting him know! Hardly ‘sabotage’, unless you consider people holding opinions other than those held by you and imperialism ‘sabotage’! (WARNING as your obviously a hopeless reactionary who can’t appreciate sarcasm this is a *rhetorical question warning*, dont have a heart attack)

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