Now thats what Red Youth calls fireworks!

Fireworks to celebrate Kim il-Sungs 100th birth anniversary.


3 thoughts on “Now thats what Red Youth calls fireworks!

  1. Dear Mike. You begin from the erroneous position that ‘north’ Koreans are not being fed. Indeed if you listen and believe all the muck your spoonfed its quite possible to believe every Korean other than Kim Jong-Un is starving, that heroic revolutionaries are fighting the government in Homs, freedom fighters overthrew Ghaddafi in Libya and a whole bunch of other trash. When Koreans celebrate the victories of socialism and cherish their independence they are celebrating a qualitatively different occasion from the shows of pomp and grandeur which are designed in the ‘west’ to rally the masses behind more war, intervention, murder and genocide. You need to get a class analysis, may I suggest some videos from here

  2. No problems for a and b! We don’t deny that the DPRk has food issues, indeed the Koreans themselves don’t deny it so why would we! Any issues that the DPRk has in regards to food production stem from two central issues i) the DPRK is mostly a mountainous country with insufficient fertile land suited to crop production. Most of the farm land is located in the South which was invaded by US forces and occupied. As a mountainous country it also receives the majority of the rainfall which can cause flooding and devastate crops. ii) the DPRK has sanctions upon it which DOES affect food production. It affects food because there are quotas of what food can be brought into the country but significantly it prohibits the import of fertilizers which are absolutely necessary for food production. Intensively farming such a small amount of agricultural land robs the soil of its nutrients and again contributes to crop devastation. Our own British soil would not last a couple of seasons without intensive fertilization.

    Now for prisons. The basic Marxist teaching on the state is that any state is an instrument of suppression. The state exists to suppress one group. It is the tool of one class to enforce their rule over another. In capitalist society that means that the exploiting class use the police and security apparatus, laws etc to dominate and exploit the working classes. In socialist society (before we have reached a classless, communist society) it is necessary for the working class to use the machinery of the state to enforce its own rule. That means laws, police and prisons which are there to suppress the exploiters and hinder the exploiting tendencies of the capitalist elements. The DPRK has prisons. It does not ‘imprison’ its entire population as the western media would have you believe, just as it does not starve all its people. Indeed there is not a regime in the world that could survive such a stupid policy of exterminating the entire population! Are prisons in the DPRK similar to prisons in the UK? I’m not sure, probably not. Unlike the UK Korea suffers from a lack of food, electricity and a host of other things which we take for granted. So Korean prisons would probably appear to us much harsher than our own. But the reality of life in the developing world is that life is harsher than it is in the imperialist heartlands! Unlike prisons in the capitalist world Korean prisons and Korean prisoners are not victims of racism, frame-ups or “extraordinary rendition” and the rest.

    1. Unfortunately manufacturing fertilizer is not such an easy task, but I take your basic point ie why make technological bombs before you can feed people? Well, in a nutshell, missile and defence capability have been shown by imperialism’s destruction of Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya to be absolute pre-requisites for the survival of any state which wishes to maintain some independence. Its not nice, but its one horrendous lesson forced upon the worlds poor and oppressed by imperialist genocide. You can’t feed nobody when their lifeless bodies lye strewn across the floor, rotting in the street or languishing in Qatari mercenary/CIA operated gaols, torture chambers etc.

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