Read the September 1st issue of the Pyongyang Times here at Red Youth

September issue of Pyongyang Times

Read the latest issue of the Pyongyang Times.


4 thoughts on “Read the September 1st issue of the Pyongyang Times here at Red Youth

    1. Because people who got taught to read really should expand their horizons and take in another point of view. But you don’t have to bother, cause your a moron.

  1. I honestly don’t know what the statues cost or how expensive they might be. I guess they’d be cheaper than say sticking up huge statues of Nelson in other people’s countries which you happen to occupy – for instance in Eire the British imperialists went to all the trouble of erecting that monstrosity aand then had to lay out even more taxpayers cash when it gone blown sky high. Whilst we’re on that particular subject, love this tune:

    As for why they erect statues per se, I guess they feel like honouring these two outstanding leaders. Even blockaded socialist countries need a little art, as I’m sure your aware they’re not the only people who get statues – you’ll have seen the memorials to all the soldiers who died liberating their country…

    plenty in this nice vid too

  2. The DPRK would not have to ask or receive food aid from anybody if half of Korea was not occupied and if the north wasn’t embargoed. So no, whilst your being strangled I don’t find it hypocritical to take whatever you can get and at the same time undertake whatever other measures are necessary to organise your people to resist imperialism and educate them about their history and struggle (be that through culture, weapons, diplomacy &etc). The hypocrisy I see is that conducted by imperialism – an indoctrination of its subjects that it seeks to promote human rights, that it goes around the planet dishing out food aid like some benevolent godparent. No food aid or such disaster relief would be needed if these bloodsuckers were thrown from the backs of the world’s labouring people, and if the crisis continues to develop which I am sure it will then it is a matter of time before the masses realise the necessity of sweeping capitalism and capitalist imperialism from planet earth forever and build in its place a world based on equality, mutual respect and brotherly love between the peoples.

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