Immortal Technique tours UK


US rapper Immortal Technique is on a tour of the UK having been to Brixton and Birmingham already. Red Youth and cpgb-ml comrades have attended the gigs and distributed hundreds of copies of We Want Freedom to revolutionary minded youth.

We oppose the colonisation and degradation of youth culture

Owing to the inability of capitalism to provide a culture that truly represents our experience and aspirations, the working classes have over the years developed their own cultural forms to represent them (key examples being hip hop, reggae, jazz, jungle, graffiti and northern soul). However, corporations see these cultural forms as a potential source of profit, and the state sees the possibility of using them to promote reactionary propaganda, so that progressive voices tend to become sidelined and overwhelmed, unable to compete with the massive marketing machines surrounding those who are prepared to peddle a reactionary message. Recognising that the internet creates tremendous possibilities to spread our music and art, we call on young musicians and artists to stay independent and to retain creative control over their output. We must not hand our generation’s voice over to corporate control.

More here from Viper Records


4 thoughts on “Immortal Technique tours UK

  1. Arthur quite rightly sits in that photo with other great leaders of the working class and people’s struggles. Despite his inability to break ideologically with the Labour Party he made great sacrifices fighting the forces of the state during the Great Miners Strike and defended the Soviet Union and actually existing socialism in the former ‘eastern block’. The NUM leadership gave a superb account of itself, and, in the face of such heavy odds, such hostility on the part of the bourgeois press and other media of disinformation, distortion and lies, moved heaven and earth to mobilise the membership, the overwhelming majority of whom performed miracles.

    The leadership and the rank-and-file of the NUM suffered for a whole year a most scurrilous campaign of distortion, hatred and calumnious propaganda directed at them. They braved for a whole year police brutality on the picket line and a most oppressive denial of civil rights on and off picket duty. They bore with fortitude the pangs of hunger imposed by a cruel government, which denied them and their families their social security entitlements. They stood firm in the face of the most vicious judicial onslaught on the working people of this country since the general strike of 1926.

    For all the failures of the strike, the NUM leadership and the striking miners emerged from the year-long ordeal as the real heroes and the real victors of this contest between the ruling class and the British proletariat, for they had shown by their example of self-sacrificing heroism and commitment to principle, by their adherence to the interests of their class – the working class – and their perseverance in struggle, what working people are capable of achieving once they make up their minds to stand up and fight.

    For our part, ignoring and treating with contempt the carping of the social-democratic traitors, mercenary journalists and snivelling petty-bourgeois, all of whom, throughout the coal strike, desired nothing more than the defeat of the miners and the victory of the bourgeoisie, we salute the miners who struck for a whole year, and their leadership, for their singular contribution to the development of the class struggle of the British working class.

    Their example shall continue to inspire, and instil hope into, the working class of this country and elsewhere.

    Now that the capitalist system is in the midst of the worst slump of the last 80 years, it is to be hoped that the working class, learning from the miners’ struggle, arming itself with the revolutionary theory of Marxism Leninism, and endowing itself with a Leninist party of a new type, will take up in earnest the struggle for its own social emancipation through the overthrow of this historically outmoded system – capitalism.

  2. I recognize Ho Chi Minh, Che Guevarra, Paul Robeson, Lenin, Stalin, Marx, Engels, Mubabe, either Assata Shakur or Angela Davis, and Mumia Abu Jamal but I’m not sure who the other people pictured are.

    1. Harry Haywood (USA), Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam), Joe Hill (USA), Che Guevara (Cuba/Congo/Bolivia), Leila Khaled (Palestine), Paul Robeson (USA), V I Lenin (Russia), J V Stalin (USSR), Karl Marx (Truly a man of no country!), Frederick Engels (ditto), George Habash (Palestine), Mao Zedong (China), Bhagat Singh (India), Robert Mugabe (Zimbabwe), Assata Shakur (USA), Samora Machel (Mozambique), Arthur Scargill (Britain), Mumia Abu Jamal (USA), Bobby Sands (Ireland), Kim Il Sung (Korea).

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