Iris & Godfrey

It is almost a year since our exemplary, much loved, and much missed comrade, Godfrey Andries Cremer, was taken from us. To mark the anniversary of his death, we are publishing a series of tributes paid to him by those that knew him well, and valued him so highly.

The first of these tributes is paid by Iris, his lifelong partner, friend and comrade, and another founding member of the CPGB-ML.

All these short speeches were made at a memorial meeting held last April, following his sudden illness and death, by 150 of his close friends, family and comrades.

Although the occasion was sad, the speeches are uplifting and remain highly relevant. Godfrey lived a life dedicated to the struggle to educate the working class of Britain, and liberate the toiling masses of humanity. His was a life lived well, and without regret.

We invite your to watch, reflect, raise a glass to our fallen comrade, and join us to pay the highest tribute to Godfrey, and all progressive humanity: join the struggle.

Red Salute! Hasta la victoria, siempre!


2 thoughts on “Iris & Godfrey

  1. Hi Mike nice to hear from you again.

    Nothing funny about challenging the arbitrary rulings of the bourgeois state and advocating a strong proletarian state. Perhaps your confused? We’re proletarian revolutionaries, thats what we want, state power in the hands of the proletarians! Of course the fundamental change will be that in the future socialist society it’ll be the small minority who have to yield to the decisions of the vast majority and not the other way around!

    As for average earnings I think a median average of £26k hides the fact the themajority of the working class (those in employment and those out of work) live on much less than £26k. So what do we advocate? We advocate a society based on “from each according to his ability,to each according to his work”. Those who do not laour, neither shall they eat.That’ll sort out the scroungers from the workers. “Is that fair?”

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