Red Youth delegates return from Madrid

Two delegates from Red Youth have returned from the 8 Congress of the CJC (Collective of Young Communists in Spain). The CJC is the militant youth wing of the PCPE. Red Youth were delighted to be able to deliver a message of solidarity to the comrades.

Our comrades arrived in Spain last Thursday and attended the Congress proceedings from Saturday – Monday. As well as Red Youth there were young communists and revolutionaries present from a number of other countries including Sweden, Turkey, Italy, Brazil, Germany, Greece, Portugal and Cyprus.

As well as following the Congress proceedings and holding meetings with other revolutionary youth, the comrades were taken on a tour of Madrid, specifically to sites associated with the Republican defence of Madrid from fascist forces during the Spanish Civil War.

The militancy, discipline and devotion to Marxist Leninist principles were on display for all to see at the Congress. In the fight against opportunism in Spain, the CJC and PCPE go from strength to strength; they are building a monolithic party of proletarian revolutionaries!

Red Salute CJC!

CJC 8 Congress

At the memorial to the International Brıgades


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