Superman or Stalin – who’s the real Man of Steel?

Stalin Man Of Steel

Another year, another Hollywood superhero blockbuster. A film about someone with superpowers who takes down petty criminals, local gangs and the occasional super villain. The bourgeoisie has to keep us spoon fed on this kind of “culture”.

But what about real super heroes? Men and women who have given their lives in the struggle against fascism, for medicine, for science and reason over idealism and superstition. Where are the films about these heroes? Where are the Blockbusters which reflect the real life superhuman struggles of working class and oppressed people to take control of their own destiny?

Champions of the working class, men like Stalin and the Bolsheviks are the heroes for red youth. Stalin realised, unlike Superman, that the bourgeoisie’s constant willingness to cause death and destruction and poverty to pursue their own economic interests was a much worse form of criminality than the occasional act of petty theft or super villain smugness. He understood that the real super villain, the rel arch criminal was the system of imperialism itself which commits daily genocide by allowing thousands to perish of hunger and disease whilst a tiny set of parasites lives off our backs. Fundamentally, Stalin understood that ceasing to make greed a virtue in society would mean less greed, and that taking care of people’s basic needs – such as food, education, and housing – formed the foundations of a healthy, fulfilled society. Thus, he followed the Marxist train of thought: that the rule of the bourgeoisie is the rule of the greedy and corrupt, and that the removal of the bourgeoisie from their position of power and the elimination of their influence meant the removal of greed and corruption.

To understand and act on this required no special powers, only an understanding of Marxism-Leninism and the determination to create a society that worked for the proletariat rather than against them.

Stalin Stencil, Man Of Steel

man of steel

stalin britain


6 thoughts on “Superman or Stalin – who’s the real Man of Steel?

  1. so his desire to end greed and poverty is why he killed 40 million of his own people and made the poor mass poorer then? was this really about ending greed or about feeding it for himself? I seen some videos on the purge of stalin and lenin, maybe these people start off with good motives odn’t know can’t read hearts but I seriously doubt their true motive is to help the down trodden but really using the downtrodden to gain wealth for himself. I think all rulers do this. they lie.

    1. Roberta. The first thing you need to ask yourself is what exactly do you know about Stalin, Lenin, the conditions in late 19th/early 20th century Russia and so on. Have you gone out of your way to read a balanced account or just watched a couple of youtube videos? If someone was accusing you in court of such crimes I’m sure you would hope that they had spent many many hours getting their facts straight.

      The reality is that you have no faith in leaders. That perfectly understandable since most people’s experience is of corrupt capitalist leaders who sell out, line their own pockets and don’t give a monkey’s for the people. Lenin and Stalin were not such leaders. After the Bolsheviks came to power in 1917 millions of people saw a tremendous increase in their standard of living, by the late 1930’s people were living longer, their was lower child mortality, their was plenty of food and everyone had a job, access to healthcare and education. Even liberal and bourgeois accounts of the Soviet Union will testify to these facts. What the bourgeoisie doesn’t like is that Stalin and the Bolsheviks marginalised the exploiting capitalist and kulak classes, prevented them from having any political power, exposed those that were collaborating with foreign fascist powers and used violence against those who tried to overturn the workers state.

      If Stalin’s ‘true motive’ was greed as you state it was, he would have died owning many houses, probably living in New York with his eighth wife with a massive pile of cash in the bank. In fact he died with no property, a small number of clothes and books and that is all. His frugality, his devotion to the struggle – which he had taken part in from his teenage years running the risk of execution – this is why millions of Red Army men went to their deaths witht he words “for the motherland and Stalin” on their lips, this is why people continue to remember him and the Soviet people for their struggle against Hitlerite fascism.

      Red Youth would recommend this as a particularly short and educational pamphlet

      1. so he didn’t kill 40 million of his own people then? he didn’t take all the food and property of the farmers and property owners and starve them out then? there were not riots in the streets when he took their properties over by force then? I am confused. so the survivors of stalin are lying when they describe the horrors of stalin? many compared him ot hitler and there were many survivors who described similar things, so whom to believe? now if your right and stalin didn’t own anything could it be because he too was just a pawn in the hands of those who do have wealth then? could he have been a puppet for these people? where is the top of the pyramid then?

      2. 1. No he didn’t kill 40 million of his own people. If your not prepared to read around on this topic but are determined to stick to your belief in the mystical 40million there is nothing we can do to help you.
        2. No he didn’t take all the food off the farmers. The vast majority, something akin to 99% of the agricultural population were nothing better than serfs. The rich peasant who rented out the tools and means to plough the land, the Kulak, was expropriated as a class. That means they weren’t allowed to do that anymore. The majority joined collective farms with everyone else and worked like everyone else. A minority killed cattle, smashed machinery and murdered workers. These people if found we shot by the local authorities – just like they would be anywhere else.
        3. Yes, you are confused.
        4. Many do compare him to Hitler. They are the same fantical capitalist parasites who compare Gaddafi, Assad, Putin, Mugabe and anyone they fancy to Hitler. All the while capitalism and OUR leaders reside over the daily genocide of hundreds of thousands of human beings who starve to death, the many more who are worked to death and the millions who become ill as a direct result of their work. In Britain alone 5,000 still die every year as a result of work related respiratory disorders like asbestosis. Someone got rich, they get dead.
        5. The top of the ‘pyramid’ can’t apply to Soviet society in the way you apply it to our society. They had a revolution. This is what happens when you make socialist revolution. The people who were like the ‘top of the pyramid’ were expropriated as a class, not allowed to exploit others – and the one’s that refused got shot by the majority who had taken these leeches from off their skin.

      3. while I agree this gov is truly a wild beast per the book of revelation describes how Jehovah views them, this country is not a captialist country, it is socialist, with captialist twist, income taxes that are progressive, socialist (or communist depending on who you ask) regulation on how when and what you can use your property for, permits to do anything on your property, property taxes, license to drive to start a business are all socialist ideals. under true captialism no one would have to pay someone else permission to start a business,(for livlihood not speaking about major corporations)travel in their own car for personal transport (thus no excise tax or license required) the problem with capitalism is people, if people acquire to much wealth property rights and land they push out others, under a true theocracy Jehovah appointed the land permanently to families and you could not permanently lose your property even if your indebted you could use your inheritance to pay debts but that land was to be returned to you at the jubilee year. at the50th sabbath year,you could show charity to your neighbors but you were permitted to keep most of the fruits of your labor others did not have a right to it,all were required ot work even the poor had to work hard to glean fields process the food etc, such things prevented the severe rich and poor gap that you see today, but the problem was people, who disobeyed Jehovahs’ laws and eventually Jehovah punished them and put them into exilel where they lost all property and rights. you see while stalin may have had good intentions even he couldn’t overcome the one flaw against ever achieving a truly just society, sin (our innate inclination to do wrong over doing right)even he no doubt abused his power like everyone else, another thing about usa, it is more socialist or communist then captialist, because in a true capitalist(I truly hate that word I prefer lawful) society the gov would be small, would not be bribed or allow itself to be lobbied to protect subsidize or help one group of people over another. it would stick to true law and would not be a legalistic nightmare. true law was basic easy to remember, love your neighbor as ourself, love God first, do to others how you want them to do to you, not do to others as they do to you, but frankly I will have to do more research into the topic to get more info but personally it doens’t matter what method of gov you have ti will always gravitate towards self interest on the part of the rulers over the ruled, even in a republic like the usa which had laws over legalistic stuff was able to prosper, many problems were being solved before the gov stepped in to stop the soluiton to keep the problems going to justify gov interference and taxes and regulations that redistrubuted wealth upwards to the rulers and their was all about power grab, even stalin and his party were not the innocent I love the people group you seem to idolize, anymore than obama is a saint either and people idolize him, these people are simply power hungry and are using whatever works to get it, this is not new check your history both biblical and non biblical the story repeats the people want freedom some guy comes on the scene and promises to equalize the playing field, free you from slavery and what happens? you end up in slavery to a different master, nothing has changed except maybe some of the rules. we are more and more enslaved in this country too, pretty soon no one will be free not even alittle bit until Jehovah steps in with his kingdom and crushes all gov like he promised in dan 2:44 revelation 19, 21:3-4

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