Liverpool communists discuss Imperialism and War

Members and supporters of the Communist Party gathered in Liverpool to hear a talk given by CPGB-ML Chairman Harpal Brar on the topic of Imperialism and War. Comrades from the Socialist Labour Party also joined the discussions afterwards which followed Harpal’s talk and which carried on for an hour. 

Liverpool Communist Party

Liverpool communists

All the comrades agreed that there was an urgent need for the working class to develop its own leadership of the struggles against war and austerity rather than rely on the Labour Party bigwigs and their stooges who occupy the higher echelons of the trade union movement. Comrades reaffirmed the urgent need for rank and file trade unionists to fight for the working class within the unions in the face of the mismanagement of our struggles by social democrats and class traitors. The need to build up the Communist Party and revolutionary class leadership was discussed and all the comrades felt that the meeting had made a good contribution towards this work in Liverpool.

A real step forward has been made in Liverpool with new comrades recruited to the CPGB-ML and closer friendships formed with supporters as a result of open, frank discussion and debate. Other branches of the Communist Party will be holding similar public meetings in the new year.


Also this week Red Youth comrades, organised in the Nottingham Trent Uni Marxist and Proletariat Society, held a debate on the topic of Trotskyism or Leninism, between the CPGB-ML and anarcho-trotskyite AWL.

If any other society or group would like to arrange debates or public meetings on either of the above subjects, or other topics, you are welcome to contact to make arrangements.


2 thoughts on “Liverpool communists discuss Imperialism and War

  1. Did you manage to record this? I’d love to see. Also, is there a forum or mailing list those of us who can’t attend meetings can meet and join in these discussions?

    1. I’m afraid it wasn’t recorded. Unfortunately, we’ve got too many people joining or applying to join the party and too few cadre able to organise the work, inc. filming and promoting our own events! However, we will keep tyrying to film and then promote meetings, I’d suggest you getin touch with the northwest group of the cpgb-ml and perhaps go to the next meeting which is in Wigan…? whats your email?

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