About Red Youth

Red Youth has as a primary aim the education of working-class youth in the classics of Marxism Leninism. As our Statement of Aims announced:No movement in human history, despite all temporary reverses, has known such rapid gains and successes as those of the communist (third) international and brought to so much of humanity such a peaceful, secure, cultured and enlightened existence.

The lies and slanders that surround our most glorious achievements are a deliberate attempt on the part of the capitalist ruling class to demoralise workers and keep them ignorant and enslaved. The ruling classes and their governments are terrified of workers acquiring this knowledge, for they fear it will lead to mass revolutionary action, the only weapon capable of bringing an end to their tiny clique’s tyrannical orgy of destruction and self-enrichment.

“Show everybody then that no power will succeed in depriving the workers of class consciousness! Without knowledge the workers are defenceless, with knowledge they are a force!” – Lenin in What are our ministers thinking about. 1895.

To this end Red Youth will conduct education amongst the members, and a variety of study materials will be made available on this site. Read our full program in We Want Freedom.