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Still Searching For That Soviet ‘Holocaust’

The “Holodomor” is still being pushed by a collection of Anglo nations and Ukrainian ultra-nationalists and fascists. The origin of this legend stems from a famine which occurred in Ukraine and parts of Russia in 1932.

Throughout the 1930s rabid anti-communists and Nazi sympathisers would try to tie the famine to the fault of the Soviet government. This would rapidly evolve to accusations of genocide and a “planned starving of Ukraine by the Soviet government”.

Why the Soviet government would starve parts of Russia, Belarus and Eastern Ukraine to “suppress Ukrainian nationalism” was never explained by the adherents of these lies.

When it was originally pushed back in the 1930s it was done so by Nazi sympathisers like William Randolph Hearst who commanded the formidable ‘Hearst Press’ renowned for it’s “yellow journalism” (or “fake news”).

The Hearst Press faked photos and pretended their journalists had spent a year in Ukraine during that period.

In reality the journalist they sent went for two weeks and never left the Moscow area.

In Douglas Tottles book, Fraud, Famine and Fascism he examined the numerous faked photographs that were first through the Hearst Press and their organs then again in the 1980s alongside Robert Conquest’s  book Harvest of Sorrow.

Curiously, the photos the Hearst Press were spreading could all be traced to anywhere but Ukraine 1932-33.

In 1942, at the height of world war 2, the Saturday Evening Post (a publication belonging to Hearsts Empire) was to release an article by Milton Mayer titled “The Case Against the Jews”. An article full of anti-semitic ranting.

Is it any wonder then, that the Village Voice, in examining the Holodomor hoax had this to say:

Here is how: The story is a fraud.The starving girl, it turns out, wasn’t found in 1932 or 1933, nor in the Ukraine. Her picture was taken from a Red Cross bulletin on the 1921-22 Volga famine, for which no one claims genocide. Rather than an emblem of persecution, the photograph advances the most cyni­cal of swindles — a hoax played out from the White House and Congress through the halls of Harvard to the New York State Department of Education. Pressing every pedal, pulling all the strings, is a Ukrainian nationalist lobby straining to cloak its own history of Nazi collabora­tion. By revising their past, these émigrés help support a more ambitious revision­ism: a denial of Hitler’s holocaust against the Jews.(Village Voice, In Search Of A Soviet Holocaust, January 1988)

Since the 1980s these Ukrainian fascists have taken power in Ukraine through the western-backed coup of 2014. The faked “Holodomor” therefore continues to serve Anglo foreign policy interests by setting up a virulently anti-Russian and fascist State on the border of Russia. The government there has had police compiling lists of jews, Nazi collaborators like Stepan Bandera have had streets around Kiev named after them.

Hilary Clinton was to explain in 2012 that the Wests foreign policy to Russia was to “prevent the reconstitution of the Soviet Union”.

She also explained how Ukraine was “one of our biggest disappointments.” (AP News, Clinton fears efforts to ‘re-Sovietize’ in Europe, Dec 2012).

This was prior to the coup instigated by the USA in 2014.

The goal of those who disseminate ‘new’ photographs purporting to represent evidence of a man-made famine in Ukraine remains the same as it was back in the 1980s when ‘Holodomor’ went from the fringes of the far right to mainstream neoconservative opinion, which is to foment ethnic tension between Ukrainians and Russians to try and peel off Ukraine into Nato, to also create crisis on Russias border and thirdly, as an ideological prop to beat communists with.

The Famine of 1932

There was indeed a famine in 1932 in Ukraine caused by a particularly bad harvest, droughts, rust and smut (fungal diseases) and infestations of insects and mice. The idea it was a “deliberate famine used to suppress Ukrainian nationalism” is not held even by normal bourgeois professors from the USA.

“There is no evidence it was intention­ally directed against Ukrainians,” said Al­exander Dallin of Stanford, the father of modern Sovietology. “That would be to­tally out of keeping with what we know — ­it makes no sense.”

“This is crap, rubbish,” said Moshe Lewin of the University of Pennsylvania, whose Russian Peasants and Soviet Pow­er broke new ground in social history. “I am an anti-Stalinist, but I don’t see how this [genocide] campaign adds to our knowledge. It’s adding horrors, adding horrors, until it becomes a pathology.”

“I absolutely reject it,” said Lynne Vio­la of SUNY-Binghamton, the first U.S. historian to examine Moscow’s Central State Archive on collectivization. “Why in god’s name would this paranoid gov­ernment consciously produce a famine when they were terrifed of war [with Germany]?”

These premier Sovietologists dismissed Conquest for what he is — an ideologue whose serious work even then was long behind him. But Dallin stands as a liberal exception to the hard-liners of his generation, while Lewin and Viola remain Young Turks who happen to be doing the freshest work on this period. In Soviet studies, where rigor and objectivity count for less than the ‘party line’ of imperialism, where fierce anti-Commu­nists still control the prestigious institutes and first-rank departments, a Con­quest can survive and prosper while barely producing anything of note.

“He’s terrible at doing research,” said veteran Sovietologist Roberta Manning of Boston College. “He misuses sources, he twists everything.”(Village Voice, In Search Of A Soviet Holocaust, January 1988)

Dishonest Anglo Propagandists

Robert Conquest was a hack propagandist who’s entire body of work was little more than a body of ideological propaganda with footnotes. Conquest was the first historian to push the fake ‘Holodomor’ and “genocide” myth. It also just happens that Conquest worked for a secret British intelligence department dedicated to anti-Communist propaganda.

With the knowledge we know of Conquest it might be confusing to the non-interested observer as to how George W Bush was personally awarding Conquest with the “Medal of Freedom”. Fortunately the US is honest in this regard as to who will receive a “Medal of Freedom”.

Established in 1963, the Medal of Freedom may be awarded by the president “to any person who has made an especially meritorious contribution to the security or national interests of the United States, or world peace, or cultural or other significant public or private endeavors.” (Historian News Network, Historian Robert Conquest receives Presidential Medal of Freedom, Nov 2005)

Another ‘historian’ to push the Holodomor myth is arch propagandist Anne Applebaum. In her Red Famine she goes through the same fascist and Ukrainian nationalist talking points regarding the famine of 1932.

Mark Taugar took it upon himself to do a review of her book and essentially calls her a liar over and over.

When even academics avoid confronting popular histories that mislead the public, they perpetuate a problem in the history field. The American historian Peter Charles Hoffer wrote in his book on malfeasance in American history writing, Past Imperfect: “In law to defraud is to misrepresent or conceal with the intention of deceiving and the aim of gaining from deceit.  In historical scholarship, falsification, plagiarism, and fabrication were devastating types of fraud.  They might not be indictable in a court of law, but they undermined the very foundations of scholarly authority.  What was more, they tested the profession’s ability and willingness to police itself.” (Mark Taugar, Review of Anne Applebaum’s “Red Famine: Stalin’s War on Ukraine”, Jan 2018)

Anne Applebaum is cut from the same cloth as Conquest. She’s a British Deep State operative with visible ties to the British State. She is a member of the “inner core cluster” of Integrity Initiative.

The Integrity Initiative claims to be working to “counter disinformation”. In reality Integrity Initiative is financed by the military and was churning out propaganda when Corbyn was leading the Labour party. The role therefore of the Integity initiative is not “countering disinformation” but psyops and propaganda.(Huffington Post, How A Murky Row Over Russia, Jeremy Corbyn And A ‘Psyops Campaign’ Went Mainstream, 11/12/2018).

The “inner core” refers to the most “trusted” journalists/historians in the Integrity Initiative that can be expected to tow the line on British foreign policy.

In this respect Applebaums career mirrors Conquest’s, who started out in the “Information Research Department” – a British intelligence outfit who’s primary focus was anticommunist propaganda and rumour milling.

Her husband Radosław Sikorski is a member of the Bullingdon club. Anne Applebaum herself sits on the Atlantic Council, a neoconservative think tank, and National Endowment For Democracy which spends all day thinking how to effect regime change operations against governments which do not line up with the USA’s interest.

Ukrainian fascists – Imported to the west and protected by intelligence services

The Ukrainian fascists organised under the OUN were the loyal little quislings of Hitler in Ukraine. They set up their own Waffen SS divisions, pulled the triggers at the Babi yar and Sobibor massacres and ran the gas chambers at Treblinka. During their brief stint of independence from 1939 to 1941 pogroms against jews were an ordinary affair.

When the third Reich fell the Ukrainian fascists scattered to the wind and landed in London, Munich, Toronto, New York, Chicago and Cleaveland.

One way of getting into postwar Canada “was by showing the SS tattoo,” Canadian historian Irving Abella told “60 Minutes” interviewer Mike Wallace. “This proved that you were an anti-Communist.” (Jweekly, Canada admits letting in 2,000 Ukrainian SS troopers, Feb 1997)

In the West these Ukrainian nazis and their progeny resumed the fight against “jews and Bolshevism”. In USA and Canada they immediately restarted their fight against “Judeo-Bolshevism” with the weaponised emigres protected by Western intelligence services from the revelations of their Nazi collaboration. (Village Voice, To Catch a Nazi, Feb 1986)

Once settled in the West they heroized their nazi collaborators and did their best to stop nazi hunting. Because of their collaboration.

Ukrainian émigrés are among the harshest and most power­ful critics of Nazi-hunting. They have sought to kill both the Justice Depart­ment’s Office of Special Investigations and the Canadian Deschenes Commis­sion — and with good reason. Sol Littman, director of the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Toronto, recently presented the com­mission with the names of 475 suspected Nazi collaborators. He reports that Ukrainians were “very heavily represent­ed” on the list.(Village Voice, In Search Of A Soviet Holocaust, January 1988)

The revival of Nazi propaganda – The origins of the term ‘Holodomor’

The “Holodomor” was little more than fringe right wing propaganda circulating in the Nazi press and ultra nationalist Ukrainians. It came to America under the Hearst press but due to the complete discrediting of the Hearsts ‘journalists’ the public knew it was propaganda at the time.

Robert Conquest was the one to revive the “genocide” myth.

The term itself wasn’t coined until 1981 by James Mace. Almost a full 50 years after the event. The construction of the term “Holodomor” is not accidental but to evoke the feelings of the holocaust.

The collection of Ukrainian Fascists, neoconservatives and neoliberals therefore still need the Holodomor as part of their foreign policy.

Radio Free Europe releasing some new photos of the famine is an attempt to throw what it can at the wall and see what sticks.

The OUN’s motto was Slava Ukraini, slava heroyam! (“Glory to Ukraine, glory to the heroes”).

So we don’t have to wonder too deeply why the anglo countries are repeating the lies of the OUN criminals.

Instead we can look to Justin Trudeau’s (Canadian Prime Minister) where he states it openly, “slava Ukraine”.(Justin Trudeau, Twitter, Aug 2019)