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Congratulations to the Workers Party of Belgium

Red Youth sends comradely regards to COMAC & the Workers Party of Belgium (PTB) for their successes in recent elections. In a statement the PTB-PVDA said, “After a phenomenal and social campaign, the Belgian Workers’ Party (PTB-PVDA) has confirmed its progress throughout the country, with results ranging from 6.6% in Flanders to over 12% in […]

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Red Youth solidarity with Venezuela

Over the May bank holiday weekend Red Youth participated in a weekend of discussion and debate on V I Lenin’s text The State and Revolution with specific reference to Venezuela and the Bolivarian revolution. We were very pleased to be joined by two comrades from Venezuela; Marcos Garcia and Helena Menendez. In total, four sessions […]

Red Youth play a central role in the 8th Congress of the CPGB-ML

Over a period of five months preparations were made for the 8th Congress of the CPGB-ML. Branches, study circles and regional groups began to undertake the official preparatory work in June and delegates who were entitled to full rights were registered in accordance with the party rules. It was with pride that Red Youth had […]

Message from President Nicolas Maduro

On August 4 an attempt was made to assassinate the president of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro, whilst he was delivering a speech at central Bolivar Avenue in Caracas to commemorate the 81st anniversary of the Bolivarian National Guard. Fortunately, the president was unharmed during the attempt, however seven security personnel were injured. Two drones installed with […]

Solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution!

On Saturday 4 August an attempt on the life of President Maduro was made while he was delivering an address to the national guard and civilians on Bolívar Avenue, on the 81st Anniversary of the establishment of the Bolivarian National Guard of Venezuela. Two drones carrying explosives were reportedly shot down near the podium, prompting […]

Hands off Syria!

Red Youth have organised and taken part in demonstrations in London, outside Downing street, and across the country over the last few days, to tell ‘our’ Prime Minister and the imperialist government she heads up, that British youth and British workers say NO TO HER WAR ON SYRIA! We don’t buy her lies and propaganda! […]

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Communist Party of Britain’s General Secretary: “communism is unsustainable”

On the occasion of the centenary of the Great Socialist October Revolution, on the 6 November on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, CPB General Secretary Robert Griffiths was invited to speak amongst a barrage of anti-communist propaganda. Rather than countering the inevitable and obvious attack with a defense of communism and the Soviet Union, he […]

Unemployment: A Symptom of Capitalism

It is an undeniable reality, accepted by anyone who pays the concept any amount of attention, that unemployment is an inherently negative thing. It perpetuates poverty, forces people to use the welfare system and puts certain parts of the younger generation at an inherent disadvantage. So then, why hasn’t this problem been solved? The Causes […]

Why did so many third world countries seem to support the Trump campaign?

Many people on the left are unable to explain why people from oppressed nations seemed to lend some support to Donald Trump in his election campaign. Confronted with the problem that they can’t blanket label all these governments racist, as many did to Trump supporters in America, refusing to explain Trump’s serious problems in order […]