Journalist Vanessa Beeley gives an account of what she saw in Aleppo, Syria

On Saturday, 18th February, independent journalist Vanessa Beeley came to Birmingham’s Shaheed Udham Singh centre to describe what her recent trip to Aleppo, Syria, was like. The meeting was organised by the Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist), Socialist Labour Party (West Midlands), Indian Workers Association (GB), People’s Liberation Front – Sri Lanka (JVP), and the Awami Workers Party (Pakistan).

The talk, which has been uploaded to SoundCloud by the Communist Party, centred heavily around video interviews that Vanessa recorded with Syrians after the liberation of Aleppo by the Syrian Arab Army; the interviewees described the hardship suffered while under the jackboot of (foreign!) terrorist jihadi-fascists.


The presentation also set out to dispel the myths that the bourgeois media in the west has been churning out over the last six or so years, whether in regards to the government’s use of barrel bombs, or whether it was about how the government just bombed the “last hospital” in Aleppo. She further exposed the White Helmets as a giant act peddled by the west to make President Assad seem like a baby-eating monster. She also highlights a report put out by the raging warmongers over at Channel 4 news, she shows that one of their reporters failed to do even elementary research in a story that was broadcast on national television regarding allegedly bombed hospitals.

CPGB-ML comrade asking a question

The meeting ended with questions, answers and thanks’ from the floor of the meeting. At least one Nusra sympathiser managed to get himself into the meeting to spew defamation under the guise of questions. Perhaps, if the audience wasn’t so well clued up on the situation in Syria he may have caught somebody’s ear, but instead incurred plenty of criticism for his warped stance.

Victory to the Syrian president, government, army and people!