Refugees Welcome; demonstration draws tens of thousands in solidarity and anti-racism

As the terrible events in Brussels unfold, with over 30 dead and hundreds injured, our thoughts and sympathies are with the families of those attacked. The messages shared by tens of thousands marching through London and city-centres across the country on Saturday are as relevant and necessary today as they were then.

No to war.

No to racism.

Refugees welcome here!

ISIS and imperialism use the same tactics to divide and subjugate the working classes, from Iraq and Syria to Paris, Brussels, and London. They are happy to foster ignorance and bigotry when it helps them achieve their goals, spinning events to suit their purposes. Just as ISIS cannot exist without barbarism and terror, imperialism cannot function without near-constant wars to destroy, plunder, and grease the wheels of capitalist economy.

Glasgow Refugee demoThe capitalist press has been on a merry-go-round of opinion over ISIS, Syria, and the refugee crisis over the past year, from Cameron describing the destitute survivors of imperialism and ISIS in the Middle East, braving the Mediterranian sea and marathon treks, as a “swarm” in order to dehumanise and turn public opinion against them, to the brief outpouring of crocodile tears and open arms from European leaders as the body of 3-year-old Alan Kurdi hit the front pages, to the shut-down of borders, continued bombing of Syria, and demolition of half the Calais refugee camp mere months later.

We cannot let these tragic events be the catalyst for yet more fear, division, and war. As both imperialism and ISIS are on the back foot in Syria due to the brave Syrian Arab Army and Russian assistance, their actions will become ever-more desparate.

ISIS terror attack in Beirut
ISIS terror attack in Beirut

We must remember the continual bombardment and terror faced by innocent workers across the world, and particularly in the Middle East, who bear the brunt of both ISIS and imperialism. These attacks do not garner the headlines or outrage compared to relatively small-scale infrequent attacks in Europe.

We must build unity with all the workers of the world, who we have far more in common with than our ruling elite. We must build a genuine anti-imperialist movement in Britain and across Europe to have any hope of building a world free of this destruction and misery.

Down with capitalism!

Down with imperialism!

Refugees welcome here!

Black and white, unite and fight!