Save our NHS! Dr Bob Gill on Sputnik

Dr Bob Gill gives an excellent summary of the chief problems facing the NHS: it’s not the ‘greedy junior doctors’, or the inefficient ‘Stalinist’ model of free and universal health care.


No. It’s private capitalist health and insurance companies: United Health, Virgin, Circa, Bupa, Sodexo, et al.


All of them are trying to make a killing from the tax money we pay to fund the NHS. And we, as British workers, will pay the price.

The NHS is being deliberately under-resourced, says Dr Bob Gill, with a stealth plan to generate a full-blown funding and provision crisis, and use this as an excuse for ‘radical shock therapy’: selling it off lock-stock-and-barrel!

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Nor is this plan simply a brain child of Thatcher, or Cameron, he says – comforting as this assumption might be to many.


It is a plan backed to the hilt and pushed through under successive administrations, backed by Labour and Tory governments alike, in connivance with big capitalist firms, and being overseen by NHS Boss Simon Stevens (who took over from the equally anti-social and capitalist-minded John Nicholson), formerly with health insurance giant ‘United Health’.

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 Moreover Jeremy Corbyn’s health team – this ‘great white hope’ of the Trotskyite left –  led by notable Blairite Heidi Alexander, openly plans to push the private health agenda, including complete dismantlement of the NHS, to its bitter conclusion!Heidi-Alexander-election

We have been writing about this for some time, and invite you to read some of the more detailed articles below: arm yourself to resist!


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