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Education: demand better!

Below Red Youth reproduce a speech from Zeno Casella, coordinator of the Swiss Independent Union of Students and Apprentices, made on behalf of the Communist Party (Switzerland). In the speech, made at the Cambiare il mondo conference in Italy,…
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Academies: One Step Further to Losing Our Education

It is important in the face of the government's malicious project to downsize the NHS to the point of forced privatisation, that we don't forget the other major attack currently being launched against the working class of this country - the…
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Haringey: Save our homes and our communities!

Haringey’s Labour council is planning to give away the land on which a huge number of homes, community facilities, and shops stand to a private developer. The ‘Haringey Development Vehicle’ supposedly a joint venture between the council and the developer, would in reality be a facade for the interests of the private developer.
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NHS at the crossroads

Junior Doctor and CPGB-ML member Ranjeet speaks about the Junior Doctors Strikes in the context of the wider attacks on the NHS, following the May Day march from Clerkenwell Green to Trafalgar Square on 1 May 2016. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NpWm2yzWM0c The…

TTIP protests across Europe

CPGB-ML and Red Youth activists attended and spoke at a demonstration opposing TTIP today at Shepherd's Bush in West London (see video below). TTIP is the latest in the legacy of cuts and privatisation ushered in by successive imperialist…