USA-ROK joint exercises

Korea: no game! Tensions escalate as USA and South Korea threaten war with the North

USA-ROK joint exercises
The USA and South Korea stage regular military exercises on the DPRK’s border

In the wake of joint military exercises (Foal Eagle and Ulchi Freedom-Guardian) staged by the United States of America and the Republic of Korea (South Korea) on the border of the DPR Korea (North Korea), clearly designed to threaten and sabotage any peace talks, the South has resumed broadcasting propaganda across the demilitarised zone.

Park Geun-hye
South Korean President Park Geun-hye (daughter of Park Chung-hee, who seized power in a military coup)

Understandably this bizarre approach to “building trust” between the Koreas by President Park Geun-hye has not been taken lightly in the North.

South Korean demands that the DPRK disarm, anti-DPRK propaganda, and ‘defensive’ military drills with the USA (whose nearest border is some 7400km away) mirrors common tactics of provocation and psychological military operations that prelude the invasion of sovereign nations – and show who is really the aggressor in the current ‘stand-off’.

The DPRK has made a restrained but firm response to this continued escalation of aggression, and the Worker’s Party of Korea’s Central Military Commission has issued the following statement, following its emergency meeting:

“War maniacs of the south Korean puppet military made another grave provocation to the DPRK in the central western sector of the front on Thursday afternoon.

They perpetrated such reckless action as firing 36 shells at KPA [Korean People’s Army] civil police posts under the absurd pretext that the KPA fired one shell at the south side. Six of their shells hit the area near KPA civil police posts 542 and 543 and another 15 shells fell near KPA civil police posts 250 and 251.

There was no victim of the shelling provocation.

However, this reckless shelling of the DPRK’s military posts, its inviolable territory, is a serious military provocation that can never be pardoned.

The Gravity of the situation is that the south Korean puppet military didn’t hesitate to make such provocation though it has not yet confirmed where a shell allegedly fired by the KPA came from, and where it fell on its side, and is unaware of whether it was an AA gun, a shell or a bullet, a rocket or not.

ROK Speakers
South Korea has re-activated propaganda speakers aimed at the DPRK and resumed dropping propaganda leaflets by air.

A Short while ago, the puppet war maniacs resumed the broadcasting for psychological warfare in all sectors of the front under the pretext of an unverified mine explosion. Today they fired shells en masse toward the territory of the DPRK without grounds.

We are now closely following the south Korean puppet Defence Ministry’s attitude toward the ultimatum of the KPA General Staff, which declared that strong military action would be launched unless they stop the broadcasting anti-DPRK propaganda, as part of their campaign of psychological warfare, and dismantle all means of psychological warfare within 48 hours.”

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