Bourgeois Trends in the Working-class Movement

The materials in this guide will give you a broad understanding of Marxist politics, philosophy, and economics. They will also help you to start learning how to apply Marxist science to the problems workers face in Britain today. They cannot be exhaustive, and should not be considered the end, but only the beginning of your education.

“Without a revolutionary theory, there can be no revolutionary movement.”

– VI Lenin, What Is To Be Done?

Bourgeois Trends in the Working-class Movement:


Another view of Trotskyism

Trotskyism or Leninism? (H Brar)

Land and Freedom – Trotskyism squared (Spanish Civil War)

Dismembering history: how Trotskyism ‘remembers’ the Spanish civil war

George Orwell: Anti-Communist Propagandist, Champion of Trotskyism and State Informer (J Brar)

Video: Trotskyism or Leninism?


Anarchism or Socialism? (JV Stalin)

The dictatorship of the proletariat

The poverty of Philosophy (Karl Marx)

Video: Anarchism or socialism?

Social democracy (the Labour party)

Social Democracy – the Enemy Within (H Brar)

Imperialism and the split in socialism (VI Lenin)

Left-Wing’ Communism, an Infantile Disorder (VI Lenin)

Revisionist communism

Video: Britain’s road to socialism

Social Democracy – the Enemy Within