Marxist economics

Marxist Economics:

The materials in this guide will give you a broad understanding of Marxist politics, philosophy, and economics. They will also help you to start learning how to apply Marxist science to the problems workers face in Britain today. They cannot be exhaustive, and should not be considered the end, but only the beginning of your education.

“Without a revolutionary theory, there can be no revolutionary movement.”

– VI Lenin, What Is To Be Done?

Marxist Economics:

Video: Economics 101 – capitalism (presentation by E Rule)

Value, Price and Profit (K Marx), 1865

A Leontiev, Political Economy – a Beginner’s Course, 1936

F Engels, Synopsis of Capital, 1867

K Marx, Wage Labour and Capital, 1847

F Engels, Anti-Dühring [Part 2], 1877

K Marx, Capital, Volume 1, 1867

Imperialism: The Highest Stage of Capitalism

Video: Imperialism and war (presentation by H Brar)

Video: Udham Singh and Bhagat Singh (poem by G Cremer)

Video: Fight for Queen and country? (speech by H Brar to the Durham Union) Part 1, Part 2

Video: Flowers and famine (speech by M Hassan)

Video: Water in Gaza (speech by M Zaytoun)

VI Lenin, Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism, 1916

H Brar, Imperialism – Decadent, Parasitic, Moribund Capitalism, 1998

H Brar, Imperialism and War, 2008

The Capitalist Economic Crisis of Overproduction

Monopoly capitalism staring into the abyss, Lalkar, March 2016

Which way forward in the economic crisis? CPGB-ML statement, March 2009

Economic crisis: no escape under capitalism, Proletarian, December 2008

Video: food crisis (presentation by E Rule)

Video: Capitalism can’t save the planet (speech by H Brar to the Oxford Union)

Video: Capitalism has failed (speech by H Brar to the Durham Union)

Video: Capitalist crisis (presentation by H Brar)

H Brar and E Rule, Imperialism and the Worst-Ever Crisis of Overproduction, 2013


Video: The economics of socialism (speech by T Rahman)

JV Stalin, Economic Problems of Socialism in the USSR, 1951


  1. Foundations: our beliefs and values outlined 
  2. What Is The Dictatorship Of The Proletariat?
  3. Marxist Philosophy
  4. Marxist Economics (This Section)
  5. Organisation
  6. History: world wars, revolutions and national-liberation struggles
  7. Roots of socialism
  8. On Britain
  9. Bourgeois trends in the working-class movement