Anti imperialism – imperialism and war

Imperialism and war – by Harpal Brar

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Fight for queen and country

Harpal speaks at the Durham union opposing he motion “this house would fight for queen and country”

Defend Syria

Harpal lays out the case against war that the Labour Party leaning StW are afraid to make.

Food Crisis

Why do we live in a world where famine occurs in the midst of plenty? Why is capitalist agriculture environmentally unsustainable, and how can we feed the world? Is “population” or inequality the problem?

Flowers and Famine

Ethiopia, like much of the developing (‘third’ or neo-colonial) world, should be a rich country. Rich in resources, population and territory. (In)Famous internationally for the famine that Bob Geldoff’s “live aid” was supposed to address, few realise that while that famine raged, Ethiopia was exporting food grain as a commodity. This is the reality of global monopoly capitalist economics. Now, when there are poor farmers on the edge of existence and water resources need careful husbanding, precious land and huge amounts of water are used growing flowers for export, which are flown to Britain, Europe and the US – which we are encouraged to buy and give to each other on valentines day, birthdays, etc. The gross inequality and absurdity of these features of imperialism are graphically illustrated by Mohammad Hassan in this excellent speech.

Gaddafi tribute

Excellent analysis of the imperial conspiracy and genocide committed against Libya, from a meeting held just after his brutal murder by the medieval imperialist mercenaries who, having caused a much death destruction and suffering With their terrorism in Syria, are getting the beating they deserve at the hands of the valiant Syrian Arab Army.

Hands off Korea

Facts are stubborn things. In the light of understanding the historical context, it becomes clear that Korea is the valiant David, standing firm, and defeating the tyrannical Goliath of US imperialism.

Water in Gaza

“Water flows uphill”. It is monopolised by the wealthy and powerful in society. Israel’s monopolisation of the area’s water resources, her liberal use of this precious resource for agriculture, industry, and even to fill settler colonists’ swimming pools, while Gazan’s are denied sufficient desalinated water to quench their thirst, gives a real insight into the brutally racist, and fascistically inhuman nature of the Zionist mindset and regime.


Syria — imperialist destabilisation

Our media insist on referring to the genocidal conflict in Syria as a civil war. Nothing could be farther from the truth. It is a war fought by US, EU, and UK imperialism against the legitimate, secular, popular and progressive government of the Syrian Nation.

Zimbabwe speaks

Not since the French Revolution of 1789 has a government that is not socialist redistributed land from a landed aristocracy, to the land hungry masses, as ZANU has done in post-apartheid Zimbabwe. The massive transfer of wealth from the settler colonists to the masses is the real reason for western imperialist government and media’s sustained vilification of Zimbabwe’s democratically elected leadership. We interviewed Zim’s youngest female MP at the 2010 world festival of youth and students held in Johannesburg.

Apartheid and imperialism