The British road to socialism

The British road to socialism

How are we to build a new society in Britain? Through a ‘left leaning’ Labour government and bourgeois parliament (more of the same ‘Westminster democracy’)? Or by abolishing it and building a new form of government, and state: a soviet Britain, that puts workers in direct control of their own affairs? The BRTS has been an absolute disaster for the communist movement in Britain and has helped handcuff the working class and its more revolutionary sections to the Labour Party and parliamentary reformism for nearly 60 years. This same period has seen the absolute decline of the communist forces in Britain and it’s no coincidence. No matter how hard working, how disciplined and well meaning, there is no political future for “communists” who cling to the Labour Party like chewing gum to a shoe. 

British communism

Steve Cook lays out the key events in the formation of Britain’s communist movement, and our rich tradition of Worker’s struggle for emancipation in Britain.

Revolution in Britain

A thought provoking reflection on the British working class movement and our tasks.