The history of the USSR

“The history of the U.S.S.R under the leadership of Joseph Stalin and the Bolshevik Party is the history of the victory of socialism. Until his death and the eventual triumph of Khruschevite revisionism in the 1950’s, there was not a major test or obstacle which the Soviet people were unable to overcome, and this despite the unceasing attempts (subtle and unsubtle) at capitalist restoration by Trotskyites and traitors inside and outside the party. The mechanisation and collectivisation of soviet agriculture, the development of industry and the successes achieved in every branch of education and culture attest to the strength and vitality of the socialist planned economy. But the bourgeoisie, fearful of the dictatorship of the proletariat, hateful at having their ability to exploit and extract profit from the vast lands of the former Russian empire curtailed do everything they can to malign and distort the history of the U.S.S.R. Anti-soviet propaganda is spread by the capitalists, the capitalist state and its school system, in the media and in all its cultural outlets. They are helped in this anti-socialist  crusade by a swathe of reactionaries outside the movement, and by those who consider themselves Trotskyist’s inside the movement – some are well meaning young dupes and others are less well-meaning wreckers, falsifiers and paid agents.”

Soviet Communism – the truth

Harpal Brar gives an interview in this hilarious and informative interview at the Durham Union.

What about the purges?

What is the significance of October?

Bourgeois Democracy and Fascism

Articles on the defeat of fascism:

A personal account from fighting in the Nazi army – given to the Stalin Society

The so called ‘Hitler-Stalin’ Pact

Lies concerning the history of the Soviet Union (Beautiful and powerful pamphlet)

Red Youth – October

Red Youth discuss the problems of working class youth in Britain – and how to solve them.

Through hell for Hitler

What motivated workers to fight for fascism – and to reject that pernicious ideology? A first hand historical account: essential viewing!

Battle of Stalingrad

200  Days of fire – this presentation marks the 70th anniversary of perhaps the greatest battle in human history, where good can be have said to have confronted evil, and triumphed.

My life in the USSR

Julia gives a first hand account of her life in the USSR, and debunks the widely peddled myth that Socialism was oppressive or depressing. On the contrary, even in the days of revisionism and decline, it offered a happy and secure life unknown in the capitalist world.

Why did the USSR Collapse?

READ the Greek Communist Party (KKE) adopt Theses on Khruhschevite Revisionism and the reasons for the collapse of the USSR