Trotskyism or Leninism?

After the victory of socialism in the USSR Trotskyism ceased to be an incorrect, petty-bourgeois trend in the working class movement and went on to actively collaborate with imperialism and Nazism against Soviet power. Amongst present day Trotskyites in Britain there are mostly a mix of middle class, well meaning but hopelessly lost and liberal students and other impressionable youth. But at the top of many Trotskyite organisations/sects are those who should and do know better – those that find creative ways to “apply Marxism” so as to ensure that on every question they are in conformity with imperialism; be it on the question of butchering Gaddafi or invading Syria. In the words of Stalin “present-day Trotskyism can no longer be called a political trend in the working class. Present-day Trotskyism is not a political trend in the working class but a gang without principle, without ideas, of wreckers, diversionists, intelligence service agents, spies, murderers, a gang of sworn enemies of the working class, working in the pay of the intelligence services of foreign states”.

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