What is capitalism? What is socialism?

Capitalism can’t save the planet!

Harpal delivers a much acclaimed speech at the Oxford Union: as the 2008 global economic crisis hit home, he opposes the motion “capitalism can save the planet”!

What is capitalism?


Economics of Socialism


Economics 101 – Capitalism

Ella explains the basic workings of capitalist economics: understand production for profit, value, exploitation, crisis, poverty, and war.

Class society and the state

Joti explains that the history of human civilisation is the history of the state, of classes, exploitation and war – and where all this is heading… to the negation of the state, conflict and war, and a new society built on mutual respect and cooperation – once capitalism has been abolished!

The usual propaganda won’t work with red youth!

Are you sick of hearing all the usual clichés from teachers and reactionaries? “Communism is great in theory, but it doesn’t work in the real world.”

Well why not troll right-wingers with the SAME tired old phrases, replacing ‘communism’ with ‘capitalism’? No explanation, just spit it at them.

1. Capitalism sounds great in theory, but in real life it leads to poverty, misery, and genocide.

2. The problem with capitalism is at some point you run out of someone else’s money.

3. Capitalism killed 200 million people!

4. The National Socialist party was the NATIONAL socialist party, you know, like NATION state, as in the governing system of a capitalist society?

5. I know a guy from capitalist India and he used to tell me how terrible it was.

6. Capitalism rewards people for being lazy. Socialism rewards hard work. Look at the Stakhanovites, for example. In some capitalist country most of their wages would have gone to some private investors or owners who might not even be in the country.