Cuba, Korea, Venezuela: Building Peace; Fighting Imperialism

Last weekend, the CPGB-ML held its 2015 summer celebration of internationalism and BBQ. THe meeting was attended by over 100 of our members and supporters, and was addressed by representatives from the Cuban, DPR Korean and Venezuelan Embassies, who brought greetings from their governments and people, and updated comrades present on the latest developments in their struggles, and the contemporary situation in their countries.

Each of these countries, stands on the front line of the anti-imperialist struggle, and delivers a message of solidarity from their anti-imperialist, progressive and socialist movements, peoples and governments.

British workers have much to learn from the workers of these countries about how to build and maintain a movement for social emancipation.

Harpal Brar introduces the speakers, who addressed the CPGB-ML’s international BBQ, held at Saklatvala Hall in Southall, west London, on Saturday 25 July : Jorge Luis Garcia, Councillor of the Cuban Embassy; Hyon Hak Bong, the DPR Korean ambassador to the UK; and Helena Menéndez, press secretary of the Venezuelan Embassy, who spoke on behalf of their governing parties.

The North Korean ambassador, having just returned from Pyongyang, gave a direct answer and firm rebuff to the US’s increased demands that the people of the DPRK agree to give up their nuclear weapons and disarm.

In view of the fact that US imperialism invaded and committed the genocidal murder of 4 million men women and children on Korean soil within living memory, continues to press ceaselessly upon the people and government of North Korea; that it is armed to the teeth with conventional and nuclear weapons stationed in the South of Korea, Japan, the Pacific and other regional and international sites; and that the US continues to militarily occupy the south, it would be a dereliction of duty on the part of the North Koreans to give up their weapons.

The US not only has a clear first strike nuclear policy, it has explicitly named North Korea as a first strike target! This is the context also of the psychological warfare that the US and imperialist media run incessantly to defame the DPR Korea as a violator of ‘human rights’.

Anti-DPRK Propaganda War – a Cavalcade of Comedy

In view of the US’ own clear record of human rights violations in the US and world-wide, it is testimony to the power of the US imperialist media that any credence whatever is given to this campaign of hypocritical lies and slanders.

The meeting was packed with supporters and party comrades of the CPGB-ML, who were also addressed by Keith Bennett, as the principle speaker for the party.

All of the speakers contributions will shortly be made available.

Workers of all countries unite – we have nothing to loose but our chains; we have a world to win!


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