Siege of Aleppo defeated!

In what is likely to be the turning point of the war – the beginning of the end for the western-backed jihadi terrorist groups, both ‘moderate’ and ‘militant’, ‘FSA’, Al-Nusra and Daesh/IS – the Syrian Arab Army have broken the terrorist’s hold on Aleppo.

For full details, read the latest Syria article in February’s Proletarian newspaper.

Dr Assad’s SAA, with overwhelming popular support and Russian military backing are well on the road to restoring the legitimate sovereignty of the Syrian’s popular and progressive elected government over the territory of the Syrian State.

Progressive humanity should celebrate this step towards victory for the Syrian people and government, representing the triumph of true ‘freedom and democracy’ over the despotic rule and barbarism of monopoly capital.

Despite the desperate measures of the Turkish and Saudis to support their terrorist proxies, including the illegal and aggressive shooting down of a Russian plane in Syrian airspace, there is no sign that NATO will be prepared to come out in open war against the Russian backed SAA.

Short of this there does not seem to be any move the western imperialist forces can make to prevent the defeat of their long nurtured plans to destabilise and capture Syria, as the next ‘strategic’ goal on their way to total domination of the middle east, and encirclement of Russia and China.

This excellent interview with Peter Oborne, a daily mail reporter recently returned from Syria, quite brilliantly makes the irrefutable points that:

1) Assad’s forces are widely supported and the ‘good guys’ in Aleppo

2) IS/AL-Nusra and other western-backed jihadis are responsible for the refugee crisis, cutting off water supplies, halving the population of Aleppo, etc.

3) The Jihadis were the force that were besieging Aleppo for the past 4 years – but the west did not report the suffering they were causing to the population.

4) Now the Jihadis have been defeated, and they find themselves under siege and at the point of collapse.

5) Our western press is full of support for the Jihadis – reporting their defeat and rout at the hands of government forces as the cause of the suffering of the people of Aleppo – when in fact the reverse is true.

6) That the people of Aleppo overwhelmingly support Assad, and their quiet heroism is a huge factor in defeating the western-backed jihadis.

Please watch and pass on this excellent interview.

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