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Red Youth is a political group with the primary focus of raising class consciousness amongst working-class youth. We are dedicated to bringing about a major change in society, a change in the ownership and distribution of wealth. We run educational studies which are open to all, running over the basics of Marxism and ensure understanding of the political situation we find ourselves in. We also attend rallies with stalls in order to engage in debate and conversation with wider audiences.

Red Youth originally was founded as an independent Marxist-Leninist youth organisation in the 1990’s, however it soon became dormant. We recognise the need for a young Marxist-Leninist organisation now, in the 21st century, so we set about returning the organisation to its autonomous roots.

What are our goals?

We set ourselves a large goal as Marxists: to change the ownership of ‘the means of production’, fancy language for the places where wealth is generated (factories, offices, businesses, etc), from the hands of an elite one percent, who take huge profits from the labour of ordinary people, to everyone. When this transfer has taken place, goods will be produced to meet the needs of the people rather than profit margins, and the vast profits once channeled into the pockets of the wealthy will be returned to their rightful owners in the form of schooling, healthcare, social security, the arts, science and more. This is called Socialism.

Revolution or voting?

The goals we set ourselves above cannot be achieved through the ballot. Nationally and globally this has been shown to us many times throughout history. Any social gains made are simply temporary concessions, like the NHS or the public schooling system, which, with the use of distracting, malicious propaganda, are taken back into the clutches of the profiteers over time. We have seen this with the Royal Mail, British Gas, British Telecommunications and the steel and coal industries: all privatised to the joy of the ruling class. It is happening now, to the last concessions the working class have left: education and healthcare.

They think we are weak, we must show them how wrong they are. Public healthcare and education are not a question of government or policy, they are a necessity. When achieved under capitalism, they are unstable and unsustainable. Revolutionary socialism puts normal people’s needs first and thus these rights to healthcare, education, electricity and more are guaranteed for everyone.

Why do we exist?

To achieve a revolution, we need a revolutionary movement. This is where Red Youth comes into the equation. Young people today are becoming more and more angry, the support for Jeremy Corbyn is just one manifestation of this anger against the constant cutting and military aggression across the globe.

However, they are falling into the rhetoric that the socialist change working people need can be achieved sustainably without the revolutionary process. Red Youth exists to educate and engage with these forward-thinking young people, helping them understand their class interests, and build the revolution.

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