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Members of Red Youth at International Workers' Day 2016 in London
Members of Red Youth at International Workers’ Day 2016 in London

Red Youth was established in 2010 by young members and supporters of the Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist – Leninist). Red Youth was established because there was no other communist youth organisation which we considered revolutionary, including the youth of the Trotskyite parties and the YCL. Our primary aim is to spread the ideology of Marxism Leninism and engage in the class struggle on behalf of working class youth.

Under conditions here in Britain, to be a communist means to oppose British social democracy and their chief representative (the Labour Party) which ties workers to British imperialism with false promises of better times to come. Opposing British imperialism means standing with those who fight our common enemy; the British imperialist state and its army of occupation and murder.

There is no other “communist” youth organisation which proudly stands by the achievements of Soviet Socialism, the work of Lenin and Stalin. No other “communist” youth organisation in Britain opposes the Labour Party and its despicable war on the British working class and the impoverished peoples of Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Iraq who it slaughtered in its last term of office.

Dare to struggle, dare to win! Each one, teach one!

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Red Youth is open to all and has members as young as 10. As well as taking part in the campaigns and work of the CPGB-ML, we regularly organise political study and practical training. Our members have taken part in many international festivals and meetings of other communist parties and national liberation movements.

Membership of Red Youth is a minimum of 25p a week (£1 a month).

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