Bob Seeley, nato propagandist and MP

A frenzy of NATO propaganda

We are at present being subjected to what can only be described as a campaign of intense anti-Russia activity and propaganda by the British government. War rhetoric is escalating at a frightening pace. On instruction from its US master Britain has announced the deployment of some 600 troops to the Ukraine-Russian border using the narrative of a likely imminent invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces.

Further north, British troops have joined the 15,000 Polish troops stationed along the Poland-Belarus border, where they are stopping refugees from crossing into Poland. NATO allies claim Belarus is trafficking in refugees and giving them access to Europe via the Polish border. This coordinated manoeuvring around Russia by NATO allies follows the provocation by Britain earlier in the year when it sent a British warship into Russian territorial waters in the Black Sea.

Propaganda is being produced on a daily basis intensely vilifying the Russian government and blaming President Vladimir Putin for all of Europe’s troubles. In a recent article Bob Seeley, MP for the Isle of White, and member of the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee claimed: Putin is stoking conflict in Bosnia; he is responsible for the crisis at the Poland-Belarus border and the weaponizing of refugees; he wants to destroy NATO; he wants to destroy Ukraine. Seeley has regurgitated the propaganda through news channels, claiming that all of these crises are part of Putin’s wider plan, presumably one that he has hatched with Dr Evil (the spoof ‘Bond villain’ from the Austin Powers films). 

But we were not born yesterday. We know that NATO allies are behind the tension in the Black Sea. It is NATO behind the razing and dismemberment of Yugoslavia and the continued meddling in the Balkans. NATO allies are behind the violent 2014 fascist coup in Ukraine which led to the reunification of Crimea with Russia, and a war waged by fascists in Kiev against the defiant anti-fascist people of Donetsk and Lugansk. We know NATO members are the ones building military and defence weaponry for use in Ukraine. We can recognise that the masses of refugees on the Poland-Belarus border are being singled out by NATO allies for special treatment and understand that they are pawns in the latest attempt by the allies to encroach upon Russia. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov recently said in relation to Russia and Belarus:

We have grounds to believe that the ongoing policy for containing our countries and NATO’s practical moves to bring military infrastructure closer to the Union State’s borders reveal the long-term strategy of this military-political bloc.”

The NATO war machine is feasting on the disaster facing the people stuck on the Belarus border, using this to justify the amassing of troops. NATO allies are the ones erecting a barbed wire fence, shooting over civilians heads, firing water cannons at them in freezing temperatures and spraying them with tear gas. NATO soldiers are the ones now being investigated by Belarusian authorities for crimes against civilians. It is NATO who is now using its military equipment against refugees for no reason other than the targets are travelling from one of the Union State’s borders into the territory of a NATO ally.

It is the NATO bedfellow, the EU, that is cynically exploiting refugees by imposing sanctions on Belarus for “weaponizing” them against Poland. It is NATO’s imperialist military adventurism on the back of lies that has resulted in the ongoing refugee crisis across whole regions of the world. Their illegal wars on Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria have resulted in an untold cost to life, civilian and military, the dissolution of entire countries and the displacement of populations. The imperialist allies have taken no accountability for any of their crimes.

The grandiose buffoons in the British government behave in a delinquent fashion. In the same statement Lavrov tells us that neither the EU nor the UK leaders will talk to the Belarusian or Russian governments about the refugees on the Belarus-Poland border:

Neither Poles, nor Lithuanians, nor anyone else has asked us about possible mediation or participation in these talks. They don’t address anyone for any reason. They simply enjoy being tough when making loud statements like this, accusing Belarus and Russia (as the countries “behind these developments”).” 

This exposes the irrelevance of Western diplomacy, epitomised by the Foreign Secretary Liz Truss, who, despite having every diplomatic and political means at her disposal, chose to publish an article behind a Telegraph pay-wall demanding Putin takes responsibility for the refugee situation.

Britain and its allies want us to believe that Russia is in a hybrid war with neighbouring NATO countries, claiming that Russia might invade the Ukraine. We must recognise their latest actions and claims show a serious escalation in their agenda. This destructive behaviour may leave Russia no choice but to call their bluff. Putin’s presidential address in April contained a message for meddling governments that Russia has red lines. He used the metaphor of jackals to describe governments that behave in a malign way towards Russia. Obsessed with power and feeling safe in a pack they have not listened. But then they are not normal jackals: they are rabid, as can be seen in the delusional claims of Tom Tugendhat, Chair of the FOC:

In today’s world, the road to Global Britain runs through Eastern Europe.”

The unhinged hatred towards Russia by the British government can be summed up by Lavrov:

Britain needs to take a stand on the international stage now. Unable to get used to its new position after its withdrawal from the EU, London has launched the Global Britain project to convey its capabilities throughout the world. They need to assert themselves, as I see it. This is both ridiculous and provocative.”