Was the October Revolution authoritarian?

As we approach our celebrations for the centenary of the Great October Socialist Revolution we find it even more necessary than usual to deal with slander against the concept of the dictatorship of the proletariat.

The Peterloo massacre, a response to a protest demanding parliamentary reform, 1819

The manipulative elements on the ‘left’, social democrats and fake revolutionaries whose task is to keep the working class from revolt, tell us that violent revolution must be renounced and that we can do things peacefully because we are, after all, a civilised society! Violent revolutions are for the ‘backwards’ peoples of the world who, they must sorely admit, after liberating themselves from colonial domination, imperialist plundering, and their own bourgeoisie, managed to lead the world in development and rights.

Youth arrested
Bloody Sunday, when British troops occupying Ireland shot dead 26 unarmed civilians, 1972

But still, the way in which they did it was unsavoury to these people, and objectively they argue for the status quo, with its inherent violence from imperialist war, poverty, starvation, preventable disease, terrible working conditions, and police brutality. Their solution is simply to wish away capitalism while the ruling class directs their entire arsenal at the workers. This is idealist nonsense that has never, and will never, liberate a single worker, let alone a nation or the whole world.

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100th Anniversary of the October Revolution: Join us in Southall on Saturday 4th November!

On the 100th anniversary of the great Socialist October Revolution, join us to celebrate the victorious struggles of the mass working class. We will come together to celebrate this working-class revolution, which literally shook the world, and still indicates the path we must take to shatter all exploitation of man by man and nation by nation! We will be holding THE centenary celebration of this festival of progressive humanity in Southall, west London, on Saturday 4th November, at 4.30pm.

Venue: The Dominion Centre, 112 The Green, Southall UB2 4BQ


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At this meeting, we will bring together members and supporters from around the country and mark the continued development and growth of our organisation, while reminding ourselves of just what it is we are working towards.

Lenin and 1917: a new era

Over the years, the speakers at our meetings have examined in great detail all the most important aspects of the October Revolution. They have paid tribute to the men and women workers who carried out the revolution, and to the leading role of the Bolshevik party – the revolutionary organisation in whose footsteps we hope to follow, which enabled the workers to understand their enemy and to organise themselves to defeat it.

Importantly, in the present climate, our speakers have repeatedly stressed the vital role played by revolutionary theory – especially the immense theoretical contribution of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, who advanced Marxist science by adding to it a precise definition of imperialism (the final stage of decaying capitalism) and who detailed the ways in which imperialism affects the struggle of workers and peasants of all countries for their liberation and social emancipation.

It was Comrade Lenin who created the template for a revolutionary party, working out in the furnace of intense class struggle the essential elements of communist organisation that enabled workers to make their efforts effective. All parties that are serious about overthrowing capitalism and building socialism still follow these organisational tenets today.

Lenin was also a master of strategy and tactics. He solved many important questions, such as the peasant question and the national question, by clearly and precisely explaining their relationship to the socialist revolution. He demonstrated the need for the proletariat to maximise its forces by galvanising as many allies for each phase of the struggle as possible, and showed how it was both possible and necessary to take on the various enemies of socialism one at a time rather than all together.

Unlike Trotsky and his modern-day followers, Lenin did not play at revolution, and was not at all interested in heroic failures. He understood that what was at stake was nothing less than the future of humanity, and he taught the working class how to think and act so it could win.

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Red Youth visit Stalin’s dacha on the eve of the 100th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution


After a busy week meeting with communist youth from around the world, Red Youth took a short trip to visit Stalin’s dacha on the coast of the Black Sea on Friday.

The site is well maintained with renovations to several rooms ongoing, and it attracted a continuous stream of visitors from across the former territories of the once glorious Soviet Union, and from father afield.

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Red Youth represent British Marxist-Leninists at the 19th World Festival of Youth and Students

Red Youth spent the day meeting with communist youth and representatives of national liberation movements from around the world at the Youth Expo in Sochi, Russia.

Red Youth stall

We received a warm welcome from many parties, and had a productive day exchanging details and discussing the challenges faced in our respective countries in building Marxist-Leninist organisations to fight imperialism.

The festival is proving a great place to forge links and exchange ideas with like-minded revolutionaries, anti-imperialists, and progressives of all countries.

We found that the CPGB-ML and Red Youth are increasingly recognised by participating comrades, many of whom are familiar with our work and follow our online platforms to get out views and analysis of world events, and to see what’s happening in Britain.

Our stall (pictured) was visited by many comrades and we were able to distribute and exchange much of our literature.
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