Red Youth May 1st photos

Red Youth and CPGB-ML put on a good contingent for May 1st in London, our slogans were popular on the march but unpopular with the corporate media and Labour Party career politicians. We called for “Nato out of Syrian soil – we won’t fight in wars for oil”! as we defend the rights of the Syrian people – but John McDonnell was supposedly “furious” about having young communists defending the Syrian people. We also chanted  “Class Against Class” – because the class struggle is real and we reject the propaganda that the State and corporate media are neutral, #fakenews!

Fake progressives like the Labour Party and fake Communists like the CPB are ashamed of the hammer and sickle flag, embarrassed by the heroic deeds of the Soviet Union and in awe of the power of social democracy. They slander us and attempt to paint us in a bad light. But like Chairman Mao said, if your enemy attacks you, it is a good thing because it means you must be doing something right! Check the links out below for some of the rubbish the media says in an attempt to denigrate the Labour Party by making out they’re friends with communists(!), they don’t need to use us to denigrate the Labour Party for the Labour Party has committed many foul acts against the people of Britain and the workers of the world! Their crimes speak for themselves.

Footage from the March:





Jewish chronicle

Long live 1st of May – International Workers Day!

Happy 1st of May to all revolutionary workers around the world! In this year, the 100th year since the Great October Socialist Revolution, we reaffirm our commitment to the science of Marxism-Leninism, and salute the heroic Russian people who did so much to change our world for the better. Here’s a few photos from the CPGB-ML contingent on this years May 1st demonstration in London. A section of Red Youth led our contingent, followed by the national Party banner, banners from some regional organisations of the CPGB-ML, our slogans and the banners of our fraternal comrades the Peoples Liberation Front and Indian Workers Association (Great Britain).

Join the CPGB-ML for International Workers Day

Red Youth calls on our supporters and friends to join the CPGB-ML contingent in London this Monday 1st May – International Workers Day.



GLA TUC says that the rally in Trafalgar Sq will begin at 2.30pm. Any elderly comrades are invited by Red Youth to join the CPGB-ML stall in Trafalgar Square which will be in place from 12noon.

Further info here:


Imperialism’s drive to war in Korea

At the beginning of April, US President Trump made the startling announcement that “if China is not going to solve North Korea, we will,” arrogantly adding, “China will either decide to help us with North Korea, or they won’t. And if they do, that will be very good for China, and if they don’t it won’t be good for anyone.”

The USS Carl Vinson was said to be heading to Korea, before continuing to Australia

In the wake of that announcement, this week the USS Carl Vinson carrier group was announced to be travelling to Korea, later revealed to be untrue, a bit of fake news to bolster Trump’s declaration on 12 April that the US is “sending an armada” to join in with the regular provocative military excersises conducted on the Peninsula. Around 30,000 US troops are stationed in South Korea, with a further 50,000 in Japan and 3,000 in Guam.

US imperialism is known for being staunchly against any nation not firmly under its economic or military control to be capable of defending itself, and Korea is perhaps the most frustrating example of an independent nation.

Join us this Sunday to discuss the drive to war in korea.

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President Assad interview with AFP on alleged Chemical Attack in Syria: it was a US/Al Qaida/IS False Flag operation

Dr. Assad demonstrates clearly that this was a totally fabricated story, stressing that Syria does not possess a chemical arsenal and that even when it had such an arsenal, it would not and did not use it.

He made it clear that Syria can only allow any investigation in the Khan Sheikhoun incident when it’s impartial, pointing out that the United States and its proxies are not serious about achieving any political solution. The memory of such investigations being used to disarm victims of US invasion and attack are vivid and familiar. Wisely, the Syrian government does not intend to freely concede and give away such a false casus belli – an excuse for the US to further escalate its propaganda and military war.

Moreover, the US attack, in which cruise missiles rained on an airforce base in Syria, while illegal, was ineffectual, and did not diminish the Syrian Arab Army’s ability to attack the IS and Al Qaeda terrorists – who from the beginning of the so called ‘civil’ war in Syria, have been agents and proxies of outside forces, principally the USA itself.

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