Resolution for 2017: make a difference

Ranjeet speaks for the CPGB-ML, about the challenges that face us in the coming year.

2017 will mark the 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution – the great Socialist October Revolution of 1917 – and yet the dawning of 2017 sees the majority of humanity still languishing under capitalism in the throes of its worst ever economic crisis. Just the conditions, in fact, that led to the great inter-imperialist world wars of the last century, to the October revolution that overthrew capitalism, and to the subsequent victories of socialism in one country after another.

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2017 sees Capitalism in its last stage clinging on to the reigns of power like grim death. The major capitalist corporations, controlling the major imperialist states, have concentrated humanity’s vast collective wealth in an obscenely small number of hands, while spreading the miseries of poverty, homelessness, hunger, unemployment and underemployment, disease, premature death from treatable diseases, hopelessness and crime – not to mention the increasingly ferocious, criminally planned and executed genocidal wars of imperialism – far and wide.


But the crisis is taking its toll. “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.” 2016 has seen much political upheaval, with Brexit signalling the beginning of the fall of the EU, and Trump’s election victory once more showing that imperialism in crisis is loosing the plot. Continue reading “Resolution for 2017: make a difference”

CPGB-ML interviews an American political analyst about Trump and his impact on imperialism

In the following interview, I sat down with an American political analyst to discuss Donald Trump’s victory in the US Presidential elections and whether or not he represents a blow to imperialism. We discussed the impact Trump would have if he sticks to his promises regarding NATO and free trade agreements and whether of not he will end the export of so-called freedom and democracy.

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CPGB-ML join Arcadia picket in solidarity with underpaid workers

At the crack of dawn on Monday December 12, comrades from the Birmingham party branch travelled to support local workers of the multinational retailing company, Arcadia, that staged a picket to demand better wages from their tight-fisted boss, Philip Green, who was recently in the news for stealing BHS workers’ pensions while pretentiously sailing around in his £100 million luxury yacht (his third one nonetheless)!

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Birmingham: CPGB-ML, IWA, and SLP remember Comrade Fidel Castro

On Sunday, December 4th, comrades from the Communist Party of Great Britain – Marxist Leninist (CPGB-ML), the Indian Workers’ Association (IWA), and the Socialist Labour Party (SLP) held a meeting to remember the Cuban Revolutionary, Fidel Castro, and his contribution to the betterment of working people in Cuba and around the world.

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Vigil for Fidel

Comrades in London gathered at the Cuban embassy on Saturday, after learning of the death of Fidel Castro, a beloved friend of oppressed and exploited people across the world, and all those struggling to create a better future.

The sad occassion became an opportunity to celebrate the acheivements of the Cuban people and their Comandante en Jefe, Fidel Castro, with comrades from across the world sharing stories of how Fidel and Cuba inspired and informed their fights for liberation and socialism.

Even though it was late in the evening, the Cuban embassy staff allowed us in to sign the condolence book:

To our Cuban brothers and sisters,

It is with great sadness we hear of the death of Fidel, the legendary leader of your revolution and a great inspiration to all exploited and oppressed peoples everywhere.

We know Fidel as a great comrade and a great leader, and his loss is a tragedy for the world, however we are certain of the resolve of the Cuban people to continue on the path of socialist construction and proletarian internationalism.

¡Hasta la victoria siempre!

¡Socialismo o muerte!

Join us on the 10th December, 5pm, at Saklatvala Hall for our commemoration of Fidel (Facebook event).

Over a million Cubans flood the streets of Havana to pay their respects to Fidel