Red Youth interview TKP

Red Youth member Dan Interviews a young member of the TKP, the Communist Party of Turkey, on the impact of the Gezi Park uprising, on the party and wider Turkish society.

The uprisings and mass protests sparked by the attacks of the Turkish State and the sustained reactionary policies of the AKP government have politicised a great mass of Turkish workers, more than 10 million of whom took part in the 6 week demonstrations.

Membership of the TKP doubled during the uprisings, and the Party’s prestige, having taken on and defeated the reactionary Turkish state, has been greatly enhanced.

We wish our comrades every success in the coming period, strengthening and deepening their links with the widest section of the Turkish Masses. Gezi was just the beginning of this new phase in the struggle. Revolutionary change is yet to come.

For more information, see the following article form Proletarian (August 2013:

Turkish workers set a militant example