60 years without Stalin


“In the so called mistakes of Stalin lies the difference between a revolutionary attitude and a revisionist attitude. You have to look at Stalin in the historical context in which he moves, you don’t have to look at him as some kind of brute, but in that particular historical context . . . I have come to communism because of daddy Stalin and nobody must come and tell me that I mustn’t read Stalin. I read him when it was very bad to read him. That was another time. And because I’m not very bright, and a hard-headed person, I keep on reading him. Especially in this new period, now that it is worse to read him. Then, as well as now, I still find a series of things that are very good.” – Che Guevara

“Congratulating Stalin is not a formality. Congratulating Stalin means supporting him and his cause, supporting the victory of socialism, and the way forward for mankind which he points out, it means supporting a dear friend. For the great majority of mankind today are suffering, and mankind can free itself from suffering only by the road pointed out by Stalin and with his help.” Mao Zedong

It’s 60 years since the world proletariat lost is great teacher and leader, Joseph Stalin. In the wake of his passing Khrushchevite revisionism brought defeat, humiliation and disaster for the world socialist movement. Since the tragic collapse of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics it has become only clearer that Stalin’s life was one long struggle for Bolshevism, for the winning over of the masses to the marxist leninist position and a ceaseless fight against the agents of imperialism. What a catastrophe it has been for the people of the entire planet, not only the USSR, to have seen the triumph of revisionism and the collapse of the Soviet Union!

Red Youth raises high the banner of Josef Stalin!

Long live Marxism Leninism!
Death to imperialism!