Alternative viewpoint on Libya from AAPRP

The following is a press release from comrades in the All African People’s Revolutionary Party

Libya is not Egypt and all rebellions are not Revolutions!

Hands off Libya, Hands off Africa!

Revolutionaries must be vigilant observers and mindful of the components of revolution versus reform or simple rebellion. We must also never be quick to take sides or forget our history and the role and objectives of Imperialism over the interest of the Masses of the People.

What we have seen in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya today is a reflection of the continued development of the class struggle in Africa.

President Kwame Nkrumah provided a rich and comprehensive analysis in his book ‘Class Struggle in Africa’ to lay our political foundation for understanding what has and is happening today. He correctly stated that the proletariat in Africa although relatively small will be the base for building a socialist revolution. He also correctly stated that although america and europe are the most industrialized in the world, their working class is the most embourgeoised thus the most socially and politically backward. Why would the west and europe be so interested in the rebellions occurring in North Africa and the Middle East today? Could it be the oil and geo political imperialist interests for continued global domination especially to protect the imperialist strongest ally zionist israel?

That is exactly the intent of the imperialist powers in supporting these rebellions amongst the growing educated and working class population in Africa and the Middle East.  The global imperialist economies rely on the material and human resources and potential capacity of Africa, the Middle East and the Americas and therefore the potential of the working class movements becoming socialist especially within Africa would topple the financial markets of america and europe and end the welfare that provides security and sustenance to israel!

Although the rebellions in North Africa namely, Egypt, and Tunisia and in the Middle East are making headway, and even have had partial success in removing imperialist puppets like Hosni Mubarak and the Tunisian president Ben Ali,  which they should be congratulated for, it does not guarantee the dismantling of the feudal or neocolonialist regimes that continue to hold power. No matter how much imperialist ideology and their mass media attempt to make everything appear to be about this individual head of state or that individual leader, the neo-colonial servants defending the illegitimate foreign interests of u.s. and european imperialism is much more extensive and elaborate than one person.  The masses of workers, women, men and youth must continue to organize themselves into a force for permanent socialist reconstruction.

Once, Egypt stood as one of the most anti- imperialist nations in Africa. ‘In the early 1920s, industrialized areas in Africa like Egypt, South Africa, Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia had strong working class movements and this is where Africa’s first communist parties emerged. By 1962, it was estimated that Africa held at minimum 15 million industrial workers and these organized workers played a significant role in the liberation movements.’(Class Struggle in Africa,pg 64)

In Egypt, President Gamal Abdul Nasser represented in 1954, the aspirations of the Egyptian, African and the oppressed masses of the world. Through what was called Arab socialism, Nasser’s government seized farm land from the rich and redistributed the land amongst the people. He also nationalized the banks and announced in 1956 the nationalizing of the Suez Canal. Zionist israel responded with a military attack against the Egyptian army but with diplomacy, Nasser was able to appeal to the UN and gained the support that demanded israel’s withdrawal But Israel did not back down and launched another military attack which was the beginnings of the six day war.

Although Egypt suffered a significant military loss, he gained world wide respect and the masses demanded he not resign and he remained president for another 18yrs.  Egypt’s membership in the Casablanca group with Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana, Seku Ture of Guinea, and Modibo Keita of Mali put them in the forefront of the struggle for One Unified Socialist Africa. President Nasser died of a heart attack September 28, 1970 and was hailed as one of the most well respected socialist and anti imperialist leaders Africa has ever had.

But since the death of President Nasser, the global imperialist led by america and israel has been relentless in pushing its plans for geo political domination of that region, which includes the long standing colonization of Palestine for israeli interest and allowing the Suez Canal to become the waterway for imperialist war maneuvers and the imperialist military gateway to impose its will against Africa and the Middle East as demonstrated in Somalia, Sudan, Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan.

On the other hand, Libya has been for many years staunchly anti imperialist since its revolutionary coup in 1969 when Col. Gadhafi and the cadre of the People’s Republic created the present state of Libya bringing the Jamahiriya (“State of the Masses”) to power.

Where Egypt had exploited its working class and failed to develop the country or provide resources to its people, making only its elite including military leaders rich with billions of dollars in aid paid by the imperialist, revolutionary Libya at its birth in 1969 had nationalized its oil and used it in the development of the country. The Libyan people benefited from the wealth of its nation the provision of public education, medical care, housing and full participation in all aspects of Libyan life.   Libya is Africa’s leading anti imperialist force and she supported many of the movements throughout Africa and the world. Libya has been on course towards a socialist state through the Jamahiriya.

Egypt continued to exploit its masses deterring any collective formation of opposition outside of its unions. It treated its Nubian and peasant populations like a slave force while making rich the military and police force which along with the chosen tribal or clan leaders, they became the petit bourgeois class that defended the imperialist and zionist interest.

Committed like its flag to make green its economy and the neglected Sahara desert, Libya worked towards the technological development of the country and its people benefited. The real battle for Libya has been against its global imperialist enemies who have gone to no lengths to plant agents and conspirators to overturn the revolution of the People. We know the zionist and their imperialist partners continue to plot and conspire to control both the politics and economics of North Africa and the Middle East. Is there any doubt why Benghazi was chosen as the base of revolt since the Libyan oil industry is controlled from that region?

Libya like the rest of Africa must protect its resources and its people must defend it even with their lives!

We must be watchful of imperialist tactics as their machinations for domination of Africa has never changed!

The All African People’s Revolutionary Party maintained a strong relationship with Libya over the last 30 years and we continue to stand firmly in support of the Libyan people and the revolution of the Jamahiriya.

Due to Libya’s revolutionary stand in support of African and indigenous peoples struggles and its position against imperialist aggression, it was the AAPRP who partnered with other committed Pan Africanist, nationalist and progressive organizations like the Nation of Islam and the American Indian Movement to break the ban against travel to Libya from1985-1990. Libya has been an active partner in building relationships with all justice loving indigenous peoples supporting our strategies for liberation, unity and solidarity.

Libya has hosted tens of hundreds of worldwide conferences and programs to build international solidarity for Pan indigenous struggles for liberation in its 40 years. Leaders from Africa, Central and South America such as Daniel Ortega, Fidel Castro, Evo Morales and Hugo Chavez have all given their revolutionary support and concern for the people of Libya and President Gadhafi. 

And for her anti imperialist and pro socialist stance, she paid a heavy price. Enduring economic and political embargos and isolation, the Libyan people persevered and continued to build their nation and support other revolutionary forces. On April 15, 1986 under the american imperialist administration of ronald reagan, Libya was bombed in what they termed operation el dorado canyon which was alleged to be in response to Libyan agents bombing a german disco. Of course this was another subterfuge to initiate a military response with the proud African nation. This terrorist attack occurred while dignitaries including President Rawlings of Ghana were visiting. Imperialist bombs killed the young daughter of President Gadhafi’s and injured many others. This was done without provocation and without apology!

Although over the last few years, Libya has through its own defense, taken a more conservative position to avoid out right military invasion from the west, she continued to support Africa’s liberation and Unity and the worldwide struggle for socialist development. It was President Gadhafi who took up the mantle held by President Kwame Nkrumah to call for the United States of Africa. He has been the key advocate for a united Africa and restructuring of the African Union. The Libyan people have been on the right side of the struggle for truth, justice, socialist ideals and the People’s Revolution and therefore she has always been a target for imperialist aggression.

If we believe in the Socialist revolution and the components of dialectical change, we know that the people of Libya who have survived embargos and bans, who have been bombed and ridiculed in the world wide imperialist press, who have built their nation brick by brick and with the green book as their guide, committed to revolutionary ideological and political ideals, will not wash away that history for western democracy. They will address the contradictions within their nation and bring forward the Socialist revolution. Political positions against the masses in Tunisia and Egypt and other issues related to Africa’s move towards liberation and unity may cause question of Libya’s leadership but one does not throw out the baby with the bath water.

The people are the foundation of all revolutions and therefore, we must stand with the People to bring forth the Mass revolution required to guarantee their existence.

In President Nkrumah’s ‘Class Struggle in Africa’, he reminds us, “the basis of revolution is created when the organic structure and conditions in a given society have aroused the mass consent (or discontent) and mass desire for positive action to change or transform that society. Socialist revolution is impossible without the use of force. Revolutionary violence is a fundamental law in revolutionary struggles. “

The journey for Socialism is not a clear or easy and it comes at a high cost. The enemy will not surrender unless forced and it requires the organization, unity and determination of the masses of the people to bring the enemies of the people to their knees. What we are witnessing today will require more than a rebellion.  It will require a mass based and well organized long term Revolution. Libyans must be aware that their independence and liberty is not secure especially under a pro western style democracy and must resist any capitulation to change their politics.

Only they can learn that lesson and we believe they are experienced enough to know who their enemies are. They must also know that until the rest of Africa is liberated, united and socialist, no territory in Africa is secure.

Our duty is to support the masses and encourage their full participation in the Libyan and African revolution. We must also protest any move towards sanctions against Libya and demand the imperialist stay out of Africa. Absolutely no military invasion!

This is what distinguishes revolution from rebellion in Africa, a commitment to rid the continent of all forms of imperialism (settler-colonialism, neo-colonialism and zionism); to liberate Africa’s resources for development of its empowered people under a unified government that moves to protect the people from nation/class/gender oppression.

We of the All African People’s Revolutionary Party call upon all Pan African, progressive, socialist and pro human organizations and individuals to voice their opposition to any military intervention. 

Organize mass demonstrations. Send press releases and let the world know that we will not stand by quietly while the imperialist/zionist forces orchestrate a military invasion or sanctions against Libya under any circumstances least of all under the guise of democracy! 

We stand with the people of Libyan Jamahiriya to take full responsibility for the defense of their revolution. At the same time, we must be vigilant and keep a watchful eye on the continued goings on in Tunisia and Egypt as imperialist forces in the west also try to use this media frenzy over Libya while working to reconsolidate neo-colonial control over those other areas of Africa.

Hands off Africa!  No military intervention, no economic or political sanctions against the Libyan nation! 

Africa must be free, united and socialist. 

We stand Ready for Revolution