BBC: Zimbabwe land reform 'not a failure'

Zimbabwe has long been the target of a campaign of hate; British imperialism was maddened by the Third Chimurenga , and Zimababwe’s desire to solve its land problems once and for all. Since the latest land reforms we’ve seen all the black arts deployed against ZANU(PF) and Robert Mugabe, and the BBC has played its role in stirring up decent in Zimbabwe and meddling from Europe and America. But a recent report has rubbished many of the claims made over the last decade by the BBC and the British Government. Such claims about the corrupt distribution of the land, the total failure of Chimurenga, and the imminent collapse of Zimbabwe’s economy (that never actually happened – much to imperialism dismay).

A 10 year investigation by Ian Scoones (Sussex University) goes some way (however imperfectly) to putting the record straight.  Below is the link to the BBC Report:

Zimbabwe land reform ‘not a failure’