Communists attend May Day, Labour Party shocked

John McDonnell is receiving a roasting this year for speaking at Trafalgar Square to our May Day Rally – as Corbyn did last year for speaking to a gathering in Clerkenwell green before the march set off from atop a double-decker bus!


It never fails to amaze us that the attacks from the capitalists are so weak – and yet the pusillanimous social democrats reel under their blows, unable to fight them off!

Deep in their ill-fated election campaign, Labour struggle to dissociate themselves from any pretence of radicalism, by editing out our flags from their photos and videos, yet they are criticised for appearing in the same street with us anyway – even tainted with the alleged communist penchant for ‘air-brushing history.’image003

Precisely because there is not a radical bone in their body, these servants of imperialism are unable to deal with these pathetic criticisms. And yet the Labour Party false-promises to solve workers problems within capitalism are so deeply unpalatable to the imperialists, mired in financial crisis, that they will spare no efforts to scupper Corbyn and McDonnell’s electoral hopes.

In any case, 20 points behind in the polls, having totally failed to purge the Labour Party of the Blairite dominance in the PLP, and gain control of the labour party despite apparently being its ‘leaders’, and particularly in view of loosing Scotland to the SNP, it is desperately unlikely that the ‘left wing’ social democratic Labour party of Corbyn and McDonnell will be able to win this election – even with the momentous support of the dwindling bunch of CPB revisionists!

So sadly, we will not have the spectacle of Corbyn and McDonnell running British imperialism, perhaps also, like Trump, being forced by the logic of their position to send a few tomahawk cruise missiles raining down on the ‘barbarian lesser nations’ to prove themselves to imperialism, in order to finally shatter workers few remaining illusions in the Labour Party.

Despite this, we trust that the entire spectacle of Corbyn and McDonnell, ‘Momentum’ and their motley crew of Trotskyite and revisionist hangers on, ‘reclaiming’ (for whom?) the Labour Party is educational enough for British workers to desert the entire ill-fated Labour party project and build a real alternative.