Comrades bid farewell to a great communist



Comrades and friends joined family at Mortlake Crematorium to say a last goodbye to Iris Cremer, founder member of the Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist Leninist) yesterday.

Iris and Godfrey’s deep love for humanity, their profound Marxist understanding, and their determination to use all their many talents to serve the working class by building a truly revolutionary movement dedicated to our emancipation from wage slavery, and a communist party capable of directing that struggle, were their consistent motivating forces, and remain their enduring legacy.

It was this higher cause and meaning that enabled them to harness their creative powers and live truly outstanding and exemplary lives; lives full of passion and joy, free of black despair and wasted, petty or meaningless years.

Iris, like Godfrey, faced her final moments with the same optimism and fortitude that characterized the life they spent together. Their abiding certainty is that their lives’ work was a great gift to humanity – and we salute them for it.

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