CPGB-ML discuss North Korea with George Galloway on Russia Today's 'Sputnik' TV Show

Keith Bennett of the CPGB-ML talks to George Galloway, on his Russia Today current affairs program ‘Sputnik’, about the latest developments in North Korea.

They discuss Kim Jong Un (5:13), the death penalty (3:35) and the execution of his ‘uncle’, General Jang Song Thaek (2.09), on charges of corruption and treason (4:32), his friendship with Dennis Rodman (5:58), and US imperialism’s hypocritical condemnation of these events (4:00), which should be viewed as another opportunistic, but integral part of imperialism’s ongoing media, diplomatic, and military aggression against the tiny, but defiant, Democratic People’s Republic of (North) Korea.

Keith refers, in passing to many aspects of contemporary Korean politics, as well as the path that has led them to this point, including Dennis Rodman’s visit to the DPRK (5:58), his – and the wider african-american community’s – friendly attitude towards the North Korean people, the Black Panther Party (7:12) in the USA, the role of SPORT in breaking down artificially erected political barriers (7:25), including the 1966 world cup, and the friendship struck up between the North Korean football team and the people of Middlesborough, in particular (7:55) that persists until this day.

The DPRK, like all other socialist governments and republics, puts tremendous emphasis on providing high levels of social provision, including free education to university level, and universal health care to its people (9:22). These are the reasons that finance capital so despises the government, system and people of the north of Korea.

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Statement – US Stoking flames of war in Korea


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