Disrespectful Ukrainian stunt celebrated by “Pink News”

The fascists of Kiev, emboldened by their anticommunist sponsors, engaged in yet another action aimed at denigrating the legacy of the USSR and the humanism and class equality it stood for.

Activists on a payroll, used a drone to carry a giant rainbow flag to the top of the Motherland Monument in Kiev. This huge memorial to the Soviet war dead, was erected in 1981 and stands at an impressive 203 feet.

“How is a symbol under which millions of people were repressed and murdered less disgusting than a flag under which people are fighting for their rights?” asks a Pink news activist[i], referring to the “oppression” of USSR and the “liberation” of the rainbow flag of LGBTQ.

This stunt is part of a coordinated campaign that we are witnessing everywhere, linked to the global dominance of the financial oligarchy of the USA and EU, which pose as progressive and emancipatory in terms of identity politics, to distract from the appalling conditions imposed on the working class and the annihilation of weak nations.

The institutional bodies of capital prioritise sexual identities and direct the expansion of the gender issue through mechanisms such as Gender Equality in the Council of Europe, the Gender Equality Commission the European Commission for Social Cohesion, Human Dignity and Equality European Parliament, NGOs and so on, which supervise the compliance of all governments and local authorities, and stigmatise anyone who opposes them as “homophobic bigots”.

Those who launch wars and commit genocides champion LGBTQ-identity standards, in their own interests, as elements of democracy. They manipulate social movements for their own benefit under their own rainbow flag. The most reactionary forces of NATO, regimes such as Zionist Israel and in this instance, the Kiev junta accuse as “sexists, homophobes, transphobes”, etc., all who disagree with the dominant doctrine of the Empire, all the while committing fascist outrages, such as the burning alive of trade unionists in Odessa just six years ago.

These same liberators, who fly the rainbow flag and remember the “victims of communism” support and fund Saudi Arabia and its most barbaric treatment of women and sexual minorities with torture, mutilation, stoning, hanging, etc.

Why are they still finding new ways to attack the former USSR?

The neo-liberal strategy of the most aggressive circles of global capital, largely dismantling any sense of collectivism, is now directly aimed at the destruction of the historical and cultural legacy of communism, because they know full well, it is only communism that can spell their ending.

The systematic propaganda of capitalism (and the resulting targeted institutional interventions) on the gender issue involves EU-funded sex education programs from the nursery, assisted by a similar propaganda in the media, the internet and mass culture.

It is not accidental that capitalism systematically rejects the logic of physical and social needs and substitutes science with some irrationally interpreted subjective “desire for self expression”. The objective is to prevent the scientifically founded collective struggle for the prospect of revolutionary unification of humanity, communism.

Behind the rainbow flag of fluid identities lies the plan of converting people into bulk masses passive and malleable by the most aggressive forms of capital. These are the neo-liberal-postmodern dogmas of “symbolic construction” of gender, social order, politics and ideology, nation and homeland, which suit so well the National Endowment for Democracy and the supporters of Ukrainian fascists.

The discrimination and violence against people do not disappear with flags over statues. The current crisis and impoverishment, the rampant imposition of the ruling class on the basis of postmodern neo-liberal doctrines of “identities” will eventually cause the workers to stand up in indignation.

We as Communists stand firmly against any discrimination, attack and oppression of people based on the appearance, sexual preferences and individual differences and in favour of the rights that ensure the dignity of the person. However, for Communists it cannot be an end in itself to defend the rights of minority groups. At the heart of our struggle, is the pursuit for the elimination of all those conditions that place barriers to the whole development of the person and of society and the positive building of objective conditions that will best contribute to this development. Any claims of rights are meaningless if they are not organically linked to this strategic purpose of communism.

The Kiev junta knows too well who is the enemy and that is why they attack it so viciously. The legacy of the USSR and those who uphold it today, show the only path towards a unified humanity, by reason and knowledge, with science and technology in the service of the real needs of mankind, not fantasies that serve their masters.

[i] https://www.pinknews.co.uk/2020/06/22/lgbt-kyiv-pride-soviet-union-motherland-monument-drones-flag-ukraine-kiev/