Do the mainstream press believe their own propaganda?

After 20 minutes interviewing our general secretary, this was the best ‘write up’ the London Evening Standard could manage.

Briefer than the rather more malicious New Statesman (who apparently consider themselves ‘progressive’!):

And the Scotsman was not lagging far behind, although they summoned the rare courage to quote a local member, albeit it in a vain attempt to ridicule us:

The standard ‘interview’ reminds me of the time channel 4 News asked Harpal in to interview him re Stalin and the Stalin Society… It was when Simon Seabag Montifiore published “Young Stalin”.

Clearly they were looking for someone to ridicule. Like the Oxford and Durham Union debates, these bourgeois pundits found they were messing with the wrong communists.

Harpal’s logic and knowledge were so forceful, they decided not to air any of his interview. Would love to have a copy of their footage!

When the truth doesn’t fit with one’s preconceived ideas, it is astonishing how readily some people will disregard the truth in order to plough their Same old barren Pre-conceptions. Whether due to fear or plain mercenary dishonesty (and with journalists it is usually the latter), the end result is the same.

Only those who do not fear the truth, who do not fear to face facts; only the class that has a future can afford to behave honestly.

That is why Lenin famously said that “Honesty is a sign of strength in politics, dishonesty a sign of weakness”

That they mention us at all is a sign that they can no longer pretend we don’t exist.

When Marxist theory, and genuine communist analysis grips the masses, British Workers will become a force that none can resist. No wonder at this time of capitalist economic and nascent political crisis, the British bourgeoisie sleep uneasily in their beds!