Fight Fascism – in Britain and the Ukraine!

What’s going on in the Ukraine? Who are the good guys and who the bad? Who are the revolutionaries, and who the reactionaries and oppressors? What do the Ukrainian people want? What should the British Worker’s attitude to all this turmoil be?

Harpal Brar, Chairman of the CPGB-ML lays it down in this great video: “Ukraine – Oppose the Fascist Coup”. This speech was given at a CPGB-ML meeting, attended by the Russian Embassy, in Sakltvala Hall, Southall, on 12 April 2014. Annotations help to illustrate his narrative.

He outlines how the current crisis is due to the collapse of the Soviet Union, the rise of capitalism, the attempts of the US/EU/NATO to stifle Russia and ensnare the 48 million workers of industrialised and developed Ukraine into their empire.

The people of Ukraine are resisting the Imperialists, and exposing the Fascist leadership of the so-called “orange revolution” 2004 – 2014. British workers must champion the right of the Ukrainian people to determine their own destiny, without US/EU imperialist interference.

We must not fall for the trotskyist line that “The Russians are imperialists, and as bad or worse than the US – so do nothing, or [worse] support the imperialist backed fascist forces”

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It seemed, in November 2013, that the elected Kiev government under President Yanukovych could be cajoled and bullied into signing a trade deal with the EU that would tie the country to imperialist interests at the expense of simultaneously lowering the living standards of its own people and exposing its Russian neighbour to the dumping of cheap exports.

Yet when the moment came to sign off the deal, the government abruptly recoiled from the prospect of trying to sell the accompanying IMF restructuring plans to the general population.

So, with ‘fair’ means failing, it was time to turn to ‘foul’ ones. If the elected government failed to dance dutifully enough to the West’s tune, then (in the name of democracy, of course) it had to be replaced by one that would be more biddable.

Over three months, the protesters, led by an assortment of rival parties which had all been beaten hollow at the last election in 2012 and increasingly geed up by an even less representative ragbag of jew-baiters, pogromists and all-round fascists, graduated from placard-waving to violent provocations, seizures of administrative centres and intimidation against the MPs of the elected Party of the Regions, as well as from the Communist Party with which it was allied.

Meanwhile, the western media glorified the protests as supposedly being the latest expression of ‘democratic’ ‘people power’ against ‘tyranny’, demonised the elected government, and sabotaged all efforts to resolve the crisis through negotiation.
Resistance grows

What the West did not reckon on was the scale of the resistance that its meddling would provoke. In major cities throughout the industrialised east of the country (where the Russian-speaking proletariat is strongly represented), thousands have come onto the streets to denounce the coup and beg the Russian Federation to protect them from the hostile actions of the illegal regime now wielding power in the west of the country.

In Kharkov, Lugansk, Donetsk and other key industrial towns throughout eastern Ukraine, determined mass resistance to the fascist coup has been gathering unstoppable momentum.

Naturally, the most serious resistance to date has been that in the Crimea, which has now by an overwhelming majority of 96.77 percent voted to join the Russian Federation.

Moreover, the number of Soviet flags, hammers and sickles, and portraits of JV Stalin that are evident in nearly every demonstration, along with the central place assumed by the defence of Lenin monuments, shows that strong sentiment exists among the masses not only for reunification with Russia, but also for the reconstitution of the USSR as a fraternal socialist union of working people of all nationalities.

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