Godfrey Cremer – 4 years on, we continue the struggle

It is incredible to older comrades of the CPGB-ML to think that some 4 years have passed since our exemplary, much loved, and much missed comrade, Godfrey Andries Cremer, was taken from us. To mark the anniversary of his death, we are posting some of the tributes paid to him by those that knew him well, and valued him so highly.

These short but moving and insightful speeches were made at his memorial meeting, held in April 2012, following his sudden illness and death, and attended by 150 of his close friends, family and comrades.

Although the occasion was sad, the speeches are uplifting and remain highly relevant. Godfrey lived a life dedicated to the struggle to educate the working class of Britain, and liberate the toiling masses of humanity. His was a life lived well, and without regret.

We are confident that, could he look upon our modest efforts to build the Bolshevik party he helped to create into a real vehicle for bringing progressive change to British society and the world, he would approve of the steady progress we have made.

Our party has subjected the senile rule of British capital to consistent marxist criticism, in the pages of Lalkar and proletarian, and the many excellent pamphlets and books, and leaflets that we have continued to produce in ever greater numbers in his absence.

We are building our organisation into a truly national one. We have enrolled hundreds of new members and begun training them into a really advanced cadre, capable of building a genuine revolutionary movement, that will sweep aside the anachronistic and parasitic rule of the barons of finance capital, and usher in a bright socialist future for Britain.

We invite you to watch, reflect, raise a glass to our fallen comrade, and join us to pay the highest tribute to Godfrey, and all progressive humanity: join the struggle.

Red Salute! Hasta la victoria, siempre!